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How do you respond to a revision request?


How do you respond to a revision request?

Scientific Manuscript Editing : 7 Tips on How to Respond to Revision Requests1) Understand What the Journal Wants. 2) Ask Why. 3) Don’t Take the Revision Requests Personally. 4) Tackle the Requests Soon But Not Immediately. 5) Create your Checklist. 6) Get Professional Scientific Editing Services. 7) Check your Citations.

How do you revise a research paper and response to reviewers?

Ten simple rules for writing a response to reviewersRule 1: Provide an overview, then quote the full set of reviews.Rule 2: Be polite and respectful of all reviewers.Rule 3: Accept the blame.Rule 4: Make the response self-contained.Rule 5: Respond to every point raised by the reviewer.Rule 6: Use typography to help the reviewer navigate your response.

How do you respond to reviewers?

How to reply to reviewersHave a clear structure. Start with a kind intro thanking editor and reviewers. Be precise and respond to every single comment. Challenge the reviewers, if need be. Show some ‘blood’ Exploit differences between reviewers to your benefit. Incorporate most, if not all of the additional literature the reviewers suggest.

How do you respond to a peer review comment?

Do’sConsult your coauthors or a colleague who is familiar with your work. Make sure that you address each of the comments in entirely. Be polite in your response when you disagree with any comment/suggestion.Wherever required, cite references, or include supplementary/unpublished data in support of your argument.

What do you say in a peer review?

DoJustify your recommendation with concrete evidence and specific examples.Be specific so the authors know what they need to do to improve.Be thorough. This might be the only time you read the manuscript.Be professional and respectful. Remember to say what you liked about the manuscript!

How do you reply to a reviewer comment sample?

I/We [use the relevant pronoun “I” or “We” here and wherever applicable throughout] appreciate the time and effort that you and the reviewers have dedicated to providing your valuable feedback on my manuscript. I am/We are grateful to the reviewers for their insightful comments on my paper.

How do you write a thank you letter to the editor?

Explanatory “Thank the Editor” NotesIdentify the payment, issue, and your piece by name.Specify the reasons for your thanks. Compliment something else in the issue, preferably something by the editor. Jump on the bandwagon.