How do you search for an inmate in jail?


How do you search for an inmate in jail?

Visit the website of the prison where the individual is being housed and look for a tab or link that says “search for inmates,” or something similar. Fill in the required information (typically the name of the inmate). The search should return the inmate’s booking number.

What is the phone number for Charlotte County Jail?

Charlotte County Jail Contact Phone Number is : +1-941-833-6300, +1-941-639-2101. and Address is 26601 Airport Road, Punta Gorda, FL-33982, Florida, United States.

Is there a prison in Charlotte NC?

Charlotte Correctional Center is a medium security state prison located in city of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, NC. It houses adult male inmates (above 18 years of age) who are convicted for crimes which come under North Carolina state law.

What is a federal detainee?

A federal detainer is a warrant of sorts which states that the person being held cannot be released because of some federal charges. This detainer can be as a result of an immigration reason in which case they can be held indefinitely until the deportation hearing is held.

Can you view mugshots of inmates?

Method 1 of 2: Finding Mugshots Online Search the FindMugshots website. Go to the website here: Browse on the PrisonHandbook website. Visit here: Visit your state’s department of corrections website. Search your state’s sex offender registry. Check your local sheriff and police department websites.

What information is available on inmate records?

Jail and inmate records provide information about current, and sometimes past, inmate status. Most states have a Department of Corrections that maintains inmate databases and these are often searchable statewide online by inmate name.

Where is Marshall County Jail in Mississippi?

Marshall County Correctional Facility . Marshall County Correctional Facility is located in Holly Springs Mississippi. It is a privately ran prison of mixed custody levels, and can house up to 1,000 inmates.

Where can you find someone in federal prison?

One of the best ways to find someone in federal prison is by going to the Bureau of Federal Prisons website, which is located at This is a free website that allows you to search for prisoners by name or inmate number.

What is Lancaster Correctional Institution?

Lancaster Correctional Institution is a correctional institution in the Florida state prison system, which is part of the Florida Department of Corrections .

What are prison inmates?

A prison inmate. The definition of an inmate is a person who is confined to an institution such as a prison or mental hospital. A person who is serving a five-year sentence in prison for robbery is an example of an inmate. YourDictionary definition and usage example.