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How do you start a sentence with citing evidence?


How do you start a sentence with citing evidence?

To introduce evidence in an essay, start by establishing a claim or idea in the first sentence of the paragraph, then present the evidence to support your claim. Always analyze the evidence once you have presented it so the reader understands its value.

What are some examples of sentence starters for in text citations?

The following are some sentence starters that you could use in order to cite any direct lines you use:

  • According to (name of article or writer) , “….”
  • (Name of person or article) states/said/wrote, “….”
  • (Name of person) , from/in (Name of article/organization) , says/said/writes, “…”

How do I start my evidence?

When to introduce evidence and examples

  1. state information that is not “common knowledge”;
  2. draw conclusions, make inferences, or suggest implications based on specific data;
  3. need to clarify a prior statement, and it would be more effectively done with an illustration;

What does a proper citation look like?

In-text citations include the last name of the author followed by a page number enclosed in parentheses. “Here’s a direct quote” (Smith 8). If the author’s name is not given, then use the first word or words of the title. Follow the same formatting that was used in the works cited list, such as quotation marks.

What makes a good transition sentence?

What are the components of good transition sentences? They make an explicit connection between ideas, sentences, and paragraphs. Good transitions use specific words. Try to avoid using pronouns like “this” to refer to an entire idea because it is not always clear who or what “this” refers to.

What do writers use as evidence?

Here are some of the most common types of evidence writers use to support their points: Numbers (for example, date and time, or any specific number or measurement: Length of a boat, number of witnesses, votes for a certain bill, score of a game, etc.) Statistics.

What are some sentence starters for essays?

Use these essay starters to set your writing off on the right foot.

  • This essay will explore/examine/discuss….
  • In this essay, I will analyze….
  • Experts agree that….
  • There are many ways to….
  • Have you ever….
  • Would you believe that….
  • It’s an accepted fact that….
  • It’s may be difficult to believe that….

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Second Grade Sight Word Sentences By Erica @ Confessions of a Homeschooler Copyright © 2012 Erica Made Designs, LLC. Erica Made Designs, LLC Terms of Use All downloads on and its contents are copyright of Erica Made De- signs, LLC © 2012.

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When my friend is sad, I can help by _____. Second grade is a sweet spot in the continuum of elementary school. Students have figured out how to “do school”. They’ve learned a wide variety of foundational skills and are able to work independently. Second grade writers typically understand the basics of creating words, sentences, and paragraphs.

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