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How do you use a Nikkormat El?


How do you use a Nikkormat El?

The Nikkormat EL makes it easy, any time you wish. Simply disengage the shutter dial from its locked “A” position and turn it to the desired setting. No need to look at the dial; you see the green indicator in the finder moving to the speed you selected.

What is a Nikkormat camera?

Manual or automatic. Flash. Flash. hot shoe. Nikkormat (Nikomat in Japan) was a brand of cameras produced by the Japanese optics company Nippon Kogaku K. K., as a consumer version of the professional Nikon brand.

How do you open a Nikkormat El camera?

To open the Nikkormat EL back, you pull the rewind knob up (after first releasing the safety lock). The back is hinged and remains attached to the camera. The rewind knob has a fold-out crank for convenient, rapid film rewinding. New design advances made possible the use of an extra-large mirror in the Nikkormat EL.

How do you open a Nikon EL2?

It even has auto-exposure lock: just press and hold the self-timer lever towards the lens. The Nikon EL2 is relatively unique in that there are two power and lock switches: the usual pull-out the wind lever switch, and a unique lever around the shutter button, either of which will turn on the EL2 for you.

What battery does a Nikkormat camera use?

The Nikkormat FT2 uses a SR44, S76, or 357 battery.

How do you rewind a Nikkormat?

Open the camera in subdued light. Pull up the -rewind knob. Remove the film cartridge from the camera. The rewind button on the camera bottom will snap back into position, when the film advance lever is next operated.

What are the features of the Nikkormat EL?

Here it is, the Nikkormat EL. Large and heavy, the Nikkormat EL offered a reasonable complement of features. Its shutter operates from 4 to 1/1000 sec. It offers depth-of-field preview, mirror lockup, and a self timer. A stubby 6-volt 4LR44 (aka 476A, A544, and PX28A) battery powers it all. It goes in a slot behind the lens mount, under the mirror.

Is the Nikomat EL a focal plane shutter camera?

The Nikomat (Nikkormat) EL is the first focal plane shutter Nikon SLR camera with aperture priority (Av) automatic exposure capability, in addition to manual exposure setting. In fact, this is one of the first cameras in the world to offer aperture priority exposure control and an electronic shutter.

What was the flash sync speed on the Nikkormat EL?

The flash sync speed was a relatively high 1/125 second, this was a result of Nikon introducing vertical moving shutter curtains. The use of an electronic shutter allowed the Nikkormat EL to have aperture priority auto-exposure, another first for Nikon.

Is there an ON OFF switch on Nikon Nikkormat EL?

The Nikkormat EL’s viewfinder is fairly big and bright and features an easy-to-read match-needle system for the aperture-priority autoexposure. There’s no on-off switch; to activate the meter, pull the winding lever back.