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How do you write overqualified on a resume?

How do you write overqualified on a resume?

Keep your resume simple and leave off unrelated experience and education, focusing only on what jobs and degrees relate to the one you’re applying for. If you decide to include it to avoid questions about an employment gap, keep the explanation very short–perhaps just the job title and the dates you worked.

How do you answer interview question about being overqualified?

The Best Way to Answer the “Aren’t You Overqualified?” Interview QuestionDO emphasize your commitment to the job at hand. DON’T turn it into a joke. DO be honest… … DO emphasize the opportunity presented. DON’T shut the door to future growth.

Are not you overqualified for this position best answer?

“My experience will be an asset to the company and will help me be successful in this position.” “I have the education and experience to fit in readily with the exceptional team here.” “I have experience and knowledge to bring to the challenges of this job.”