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How long does administrative processing take for immigrant visa?


How long does administrative processing take for immigrant visa?

Processing times are unpredictable. According to the U.S. Department of State, most administrative processing cases conclude 60 days or less after the visa interview. However, the average wait time for administrative processing can vary depending on where the consulate is located.

Is US Embassy processing immigrant visa?

Important: While we are processing all categories of immigrant and fiancé(e) (K-1 and K-2) visas, unavoidable backlogs mean that you should expect delays at each stage of the process for the foreseeable future and we cannot predict when your case will be ready.

What does administrative processing mean US visa?

Administrative processing, also known as Security Advisory Opinion (SAO), is the time period during which visa applications undergo additional review outside of the “normal” visa processing times. A “hit” on a particular database occurs when there is a match between the visa applicant and a database.

Can you speed up the administrative processing?

While it is possible to request that a consular officer expedite administrative processing, consulates are known to expedite only those cases in which the applicant’s travel furthers a U.S. government interest, or involves a strong humanitarian concern.

Can a US visa be denied after approval?

If you have experienced some legal and immigration issues on your previous stay in the US, then the consular can reject your visa this time. Overstaying the limit of visa or not following the designated itinerary or spending periods of time in the US without authorization are few reasons for US visa rejection.

Can a U.S. visa be denied after approval?

Is there an u.s.embassy in Jordan?

The U.S. Embassy in Amman is currently processing a limited number of immigrant visa cases. While the Embassy aims to process cases as soon as possible, there will be increased wait times due to a substantial backlog. For worldwide operating status updates please see

How to apply for an immigrant visa in Jordan?

Immigrant visa applicants must submit the required documents in advance of their interview dates. Failing to provide a complete document package in advance will delay visa processing.

Can You reschedule an interview at the US Embassy in Jordan?

Please note: You can only reschedule after your assigned interview date. All visitors to the U.S. Embassy in Amman must follow certain security procedures. Any visitor who declines to be screened by U.S. Embassy security personnel will be unable to enter the Embassy.

Can a US visa be reissued in Jordan?

If you were issued a visa in any category except DV and were unable to use the visa before it expired, we may be able to reissue your visa upon receipt of updated documents and new fees. Contact us at [email protected] with any questions about reissued visas.