How long is Wanda Beach?


How long is Wanda Beach?

1.5 km
Wanda Beach (NSW 344b) occupies a 1.5 km long central section of the beach, extending south from the northern end of the Wanda Reserve and car park. This is an exposed rip-dominated section, with usually strong rips spaced every 200 m.

Did they ever catch Mr Cruel?

He has never been identified and his three confirmed attacks and suspected murder remain unsolved cold cases….

Mr Cruel
Known for Planning Absence of forensic evidence Protecting identity
Criminal charge Home invasion, abduction, child rape, armed robbery
Reward amount $1,200,000
Capture status Not captured

Who is Australia’s most famous criminal?

Ivan Milat, John Bunting, David Birnie. Their names are synonymous with evil and evoke feelings of revulsion and horror throughout the world. They are just three Australian serial killers who reigned terror on communities as they went on murder sprees that ranged in length from weeks to years.

Are dogs allowed on Wanda Beach?

Wanda Reserve – Dogs On Leash Dogs must be on leash on Wanda Reserve (the grassy areas near the car park) at all times. Dogs are prohibited in the following locations: Behind the beach from the edge of the dunes and extending westward to the service trail that runs along the ridge at the back of the dunes.

How long is the Cronulla sea wall?

350 m
The strong rips continue down the Elouera section of beach (NSW 334c) to the 10 m high Princes St seawall. This 350 m long wall protrudes onto the beach, at times separating it from the southern North Cronulla section. The seawall has degraded the beach amenity and access and adds an additional hazard to the beach.

Is Mr Cruel still active?

A newspaper gave him the moniker of “Mr Cruel”….

Mr Cruel
Years active 1987–1990 (3 attacks) in Melbourne
Known for Planning Absence of forensic evidence Protecting identity

Who is Australia’s most wanted?

Malcolm Naden

Malcolm Naden
Citizenship Australian
Known for Most wanted man in New South Wales
Television The Force: Behind the Line
Criminal status Incarcerated