How many ACCA CPD points do I need?


How many ACCA CPD points do I need?

The unit route is for members who plan and organise their own CPD. If you follow the unit route, you are required to complete 40 units of CPD each year, where one unit is equal to one hour of development. Twenty-one units must be verifiable; the other 19 can be non-verifiable.

Is ACCA CPD free?

Access to the module is free for ACCA members through MyACCA. You can claim up to 15 verifiable CPD units by completing the module.

How do you maintain ACCA CPD?

To help you with your CPD, we’ve got a dedicated support section, which explains how to:

  1. plan CPD activities.
  2. record your CPD evidence.
  3. complete your annual declaration.
  4. apply for a waiver.
  5. prepare for a CPD review.

What is verifiable ACCA CPD?

A verifiable CPD unit for ACCA means that it is relevant to your career in accountancy, and you can explain how you use what you’ve learnt in the workplace. You will also have to provide evidence that you completed the activity.

How do I submit my CPD to ACCA?

Go to www.accaglobal.com/members/cpd for more information. Once you are comfortable you have met the requirement, submit your declaration as soon as possible. I haven’t completed any CPD/I didn’t meet the full requirements CPD is a requirement of your ongoing membership of ACCA.

Why do qualified accountants have to do CPD?

Continuous Professional Development is the learning and development that you’ll do throughout your career as a professional accountant. Your CPD is a vital part of your professional membership that helps you to unlock the potential of your lifelong career journey and shape the future of the profession.

Are there any filters on ACCA global CPD?

All filters (topic, type, business sector and location/region) are optional. You can apply one or more of these filters to find content that specifically meets your needs. You can also choose to access only CPD that has specific relevance to Covid-19.

Is the accounting and business magazine verifiable CPD?

Accounting and Business magazine is a rich source of CPD. If you read it to keep yourself up to date, it will contribute to your non-verifiable CPD. If you read an article, learn something new and apply that learning in some way, it will contribute to verifiable CPD.

Can a CPD article contribute to a verifiable CPD?

If you read an article, learn something new and apply that learning in some way, it will contribute to verifiable CPD. Each month, we publish CPD technical articles with related questions to answer. If they are relevant to your development needs, they can contribute to your verifiable CPD.

Where can I find a CPD report online?

Find relevant CPD events happening near you or access online CPD articles, reports and webinars that can be accessed anywhere. Gain certification in Integrated Reporting at Practitioner level and implement it successfully for your organisation.