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How many miles will an Insignia last?


How many miles will an Insignia last?

There is no maximum mileage limit from cars, the Opel Insignia CDTi included. As long as it is well maintained and has a full service history, it can go on indefinitely.

Are Vauxhall engines reliable?

Vauxhall make pretty reliable cars, yes. They came fourth in the Telegraph’s top 20 brands for reliability, with 90 problems per 100 vehicles. They came ninth last year with 98 problems per 100 vehicles, so not only have they done extremely well, they are also improving.

Are Vauxhall reliable?

What is the best spec Insignia?

Elite Nav. The Elite Nav trim level is where you get everything thrown at you. It’s the top-spec Insignia, though, which means you have to give Vauxhall all of your money in return.

When should I change the timing belt on my Vauxhall Insignia?

The timing belt and auxiliary drive belt, both of which have a recommended service time of 100,000 miles or 72 months, have a repair time of almost two and three-quarter hours.

Is the Vauxhall Insignia a good car to have?

You do realise you’re posting on an forum full of Mechanics who work in garages?! Vauxhall Insignias are shit, and badly maintained one’s are even worse. The damage is done, you’ve most likely cooked the head gasket and warped the cylinder head.

Is there a new forum for insignia drivers?

No announcement yet. Please log in to your account to view your subscribed posts. New to the forum and want to say hello? This is the place for you! Last Post: My car is posessed!

Can a Vauxhall Insignia petrol engine be cooked?

Unfortunately its not going to be simple. If you’ve been using it for more than a few minutes with the temperature gauge in the red you’ll have, in technical terms, cooked that engine like a microwave curry. How old is the vehicle and what mileage?

Where is the spllit on a Vauxhall Insignia?

Paul and also Alan – I’ve checked the section of wiring from the car leading inside the door frame and there is no apparent spllit in the outer covering but given the weather today it was not possible to peel back the cover and inspect the internal wires. Thanks to both of you Bernie Did you find the recommended reading relevant to this discussion?