How many people died in the Sumatra earthquake 2007?

How many people died in the Sumatra earthquake 2007?

23 killed
September 2007 Sumatra earthquakes

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Epicenter 4.438°S 101.367°E2.625°S 100.841°E
Areas affected Indonesia Singapore Malaysia Thailand
Max. intensity VI (Strong)
Casualties 23 killed

What type of plate boundary caused the 2007 Indian Ocean tsunami?

The magnitude 8.5 and 7.9 southern Sumatra earthquakes of September 12, 2007 occurred as the result of thrust faulting on the boundary between the Australia and Sunda plates. At the location of these earthquakes, the Australia plate moves northeast with respect to the Sunda plate at a velocity of about 60 mm/year.

How long did the 2005 Sumatra earthquake last?

about two minutes
The earthquake lasted for about two minutes in total. In the twenty-four hours immediately after the event, there were eight major aftershocks, measuring between 5.5 and 6.0.

How many people died in 2007 tsunami?

52 people
Its magnitude was estimated at 8.1 on the Mw scale, and 7.8 on the Ms scale. The tsunami that followed the earthquake killed 52 people. According to the USGS, the earthquake was recorded around 7:39:56 a.m. local time (UTC+11).

Has Singapore ever had an earthquake?

Answer: In known history, Singapore has not experienced an earthquake. Singapore is located in an area sandwiched by the Java trench in the west and south, and the Philippine plate and trench in the east. Thus Singapore is located in a seismically stable zone, free from earthquakes.

How big was the earthquake in Sumatra in September 2007?

Aftershocks continued into 13 September and 14 September, with more earthquakes ranging up to magnitude 6.4. Most of the aftershocks have been northwest of the original magnitude 8.4 earthquake. A 6.7 struck Southern Sumatra on Sept 20, 2007.

Where did the tsunami hit in September 2007?

23 killed. The September 2007 Sumatra earthquakes were a series of megathrust earthquakes that struck the Sunda Trench off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, with three of magnitude 7 or greater. A series of tsunami bulletins was issued for the area.

Where was the epicenter of the Sumatran earthquake?

It was centered about 34 km underground, at 4.520°S 101.374°E, about 130 km southwest of Bengkulu on the southwest coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, and some 600 km west-northwest of Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. It was followed by several earthquakes of magnitude 5 through 6 along the same fault, west of Sumatra.

How many people died in the Bengkulu earthquake?

The earthquake also led to a power outage in Bengkulu, which crippled communications. The death toll of the earthquakes is 21 with 88 people injured. Tremors were felt in neighbouring countries as far away as Southern Thailand.