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How much does it cost to get into the Santa Ana Zoo?


How much does it cost to get into the Santa Ana Zoo?

General Admission for the Santa Ana Zoo is $12 for adults, $9 for children (ages 3 to 12), and $9 for seniors (60+). Addmission for our Boo at the Zoo event is $24.95 per non-member ages 2 and up, and only $11.95 per Zoo Member ages 2 and up. Bonus: Children under the age of 2 are free.

What animals do they have at the Santa Ana Zoo?

The Santa Ana Zoo is home to more than 150 animals including more than 60 primates, giant anteaters, a rescued bald eagle, a binturong, more than 20 species of birds, as well as several near threatened and endangered species such as the golden lion tamarin, the ring-tailed lemur, the white-handed gibbon, the golden …

Does Santa Ana Zoo sell alcohol?

Santa Ana Approves Alcohol Sales for Zoo; City Will Collect Commission from Concessions.

Are dogs allowed at Santa Ana Zoo?

For the health and safety of our animals, do not feed the animals. For safety reasons, the following are not allowed: pets, glass containers, balloons, child operated wagons or carriages, skateboards, bicycles, tricycles, roller skates, scooters, Frisbees, balls, baseball bats, or loud radios.

Does Santa Ana Zoo have tigers?

Rare black Jaguars and Leopards can be seen, as well as a pair of very large Tigers named Cesar and Katmandu. Admission is $5 for adults and $4 for children. Santa Ana Zoo members are free! Learn more about your reciprocal benefits by clicking here.

Does the Santa Ana Zoo have a sloth?

Celebrate summer with a visit to the Santa Ana Zoo! Come enjoy the Zoo’s lush landscaping and growing babies. Current community favorites include the Zoo’s fourth baby giant anteater, two playful baby howler monkeys, the Zoo’s first two-toed sloth, and a beautiful young ocelot named Neto.

Does Santa Ana Zoo sell beer?

Who is the owner of the Marwell Zoo?

Marwell Zoo is owned by Marwell Wildlife, a world renowned, action oriented charity leading conservation programmes in the UK and Africa. Find out more about our conservation work.

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How many species of animals are in the Santa Ana Zoo?

This charming Zoo features over 80 species of animals, including some of the smallest monkeys in the world, the Golden Headed Lion Tamarins. The Zoo is a place to play, a place to learn and a place to spend time with your family.

Who was the founder of the Santa Ana Zoo?

That was the unusual request made in 1952 by Joseph Prentice, the founder of the Santa Ana Zoo at Prentice Park. In order for the Zoo to exist, Mr. Prentice required that there be 50 monkeys on the grounds at all times.