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How much is a Toyota FJ40 worth?


How much is a Toyota FJ40 worth?

A: The average price of a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 is $32,878.

What year is 40 series LandCruiser?

The LandCruiser 40 Series had a very long production life – 1960 to 1984 – and came with a wide variety of powertrains and body styles over the years.

How long is an FJ40?

152.4 in.
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Model FJ40
Wheelbase 90 in.
Length 152.4 in.
Width 65.6 in.
Height 76.8 in.

How many miles can you get out of a FJ Cruiser?

FJ Cruisers mileage can run well into 250K + miles without any mechanical failures, provided the scheduled maintenance and services have been carried out. Many owners have run well into 300K+ miles with just the regular maintenance and a few small cosmetic issues.

What does the FJ stand for?

In the name FJ Cruiser, the “F” designates the the engine type, where “F” stands for gas, and a “B” stands for diesel. The “J” stands for jeep. The original Toyota “jeep” was called the “BJ”, later renamed Land Cruiser.

What does FJ mean in Toyota?

What do the different Toyota model names mean?

Model Meaning
Echo Reflects wide-open spaces and a youthful voice.
FJ Cruiser The FJ Cruiser name comes from the FJ 40-series Land Cruiser first introduced in 1961.
FR-S FR-S stands for Front-engine, Rear-wheel drive, Sport.

Is there a 1967 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser?

1978 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser that is fully restored both mechanically and cosmetically to very to Gateway Classic Cars of St. Louis is proud to present this 1967 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser! Toyota is 236 CID 3.9L Engine 3 Speed Manual Transmission Soft Top Model Left

What kind of car is a 1980 Toyota FJ40?

Very Clean inside and out, rust free 1980 Toyota FJ40 Land cruiser. I6 Original engine with 4 speed Trans. Can be used as a everyday driver or garage queen. Fully functional in every way runs… Very Clean inside and out, rust free 1980 Toyota FJ40 Land cruiser.

How many miles does a Toyota Land Cruiser have?

1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Vehicle overview: only 25,480 miles Nicely rest 1967 Toyota FJ40 General Information: Really 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. Vehicle is completely original. I am the third owner. Clean title From 1960 to 1984, Toyota sold the Land Cruiser J40 series as a body on frame SUV that could handle

Where can I buy a 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser?

Gateway Classic Cars of Atlanta is proud to offer this 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 4×4 for sale. Th HERE’S A CLASSIC TOYOTA YOU WILL NOT FIND JUST ANYWHERE!!!