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How much is the rarest 2 pound coin worth?


How much is the rarest 2 pound coin worth?

Rare £2 coins that were minted with an error could now be worth £500. The 2014 First World War Centenary coins were produced with the denomination of “two pounds” missing from the design. Experts Coin Hunter say that only two like this have been identified which is why they could reach high prices at auction.

How much is an Olympic 2 pound coin worth?

£2 Coin 2008 Olympic Handover Ceremony Collector Value: £5.14 is a mid-point price for 2008 Olympic Handover Ceremony £2 coins marked as sold on eBay UK. The price range for a good condition circulated example of this £2 coin is between £4.90 and £5.28.

How rare is the Golden Guinea 2 coin worth?

Value of the golden guinea 2-pound coin They fetch roughly 2.7-3 pounds for a typical coin in circulated condition. This changes if the golden guinea is uncirculated or has a rare minting error, which can dramatically increase the value.

How much is the anniversary of the Golden Guinea 2 worth?

How much is the Guinea 2 pound coin worth? Guinea £2 Coin value eBay. Good condition circulated examples of this coin are currenly selling on eBay for between £2.62 and £2.86.

How much is a 1807 2 pound coin worth?

A normal, circulated 1807 2 pound coin is only worth its £2 face value.

Which is the rarest 2 pound coin in the world?

This £2 coin price guide shows current eBay prices for circulation coins and answers your 2 pound coin related questions. Which designs are worth money? What coins are the rarest and have the lowest mintage?

Are there any rare £2 coins in circulation?

It is not just £2 coins which could net you a windfall; rare £1 coins also sell for more than their face value, as do 10p coins. You could also check your wallet for any loose change – here are the eight rarest and most valuable coins.

Where can I buy a 2 pound coin?

Thousands of UK coins, including all circulation £2 coins are sold everyday on eBay as both auctions and buy it now. Sold prices are a good measure of what people are currently willing to pay to add a 2 pound design to their coin collection.