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Is a 2010 Nissan GTR reliable?


Is a 2010 Nissan GTR reliable?

After 30,000-plus miles, the Nissan GT-R proved itself a highly reliable, livable machine characterized by a sublime powertrain, superb handling, and unearthly acceleration. If any supercar can be driven daily without fuss, this is it — we did it successfully for the past 13 months.

What problems do Nissan GTR have?

The R35 GT-R’s transmission is the most troublesome part of the car. The bellhousing is technically a part of the transmission and experiences rattling problems due to the design of the rear mounted transmission. Otherwise, the transmission has some frequent issues with the solenoids clogging and creating shift issues.

Does Nissan GTR have transmission problems?

Such problems aren’t hard to spot. Nissan GT-R transmission problems can present themselves as shifting delays, jumping or grinding during acceleration, the car shaking at any speed, or a burning smell or whistling sounds coming from under the hood.

How fast is a 2010 Nissan GTR?

According to Nissan, the GT-R has a top speed of 193 mph.

Are Nissans GTR reliable?

We should start by saying the Nissan GT-R is without doubt the most reliable and sturdy performance car we have had the pleasure of working with but like any mass-produced vehicle, the R35 GT-R has a number of common issues which can occur during it’s lifetime.

How many miles does a Nissan GT-R?

Mechanically, the GT-R hasn’t needed much. The major repair came at around 90,000 miles when the transmission entered the limp-home mode….See What A GT-R Can Do:

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How many launches can a GTR do?

The GT-R’s new version of launch control does come with one operational caveat – you can’t use it more than four times in a row before it shuts down for a “cooling down” period. If the acceleration runs, or surface friction, have been particularly severe the system might not re-engage for quite some time.

What’s the difference between the Nissan GT are and 2010?

Mizuno said that the major difference between the 2010 model GT-R and its predecessor is the launching system. (“Please don’t call it launch control!” he kept reminding me.) was forced to make revisions to this technology after dozens of busted transmissions (by folks who abused the system by using it repeatedly over a short period of time).

Is the Nissan GT are all wheel drive?

Unlike that car, the GT-R has all-wheel drive. New for 2010 The GT-R gains five horsepower for 2010. There’s new programming for the clutch and electronic stability system that’s designed to improve drivability and acceleration, as well as a retuned suspension and more-rigid brake lines.

What’s the speed limit on a Nissan GT R?

The “leave-the-line-efficiently-out-of-slippery-surfaces control” has been reprogrammed to launch the car at 3000 rpm instead of 4500. This dramatically eases the stress on the drivetrain, allowing the driver to use it repeatedly without worrying about breaking anything.