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Is DCI-P3 good for photo editing?


Is DCI-P3 good for photo editing?

A good monitor for photo editing has a color gamut that is wide enough to encompass all the colors on the source files or simulate output devices, like inkjet printers, without having to map colors to a smaller gamut. Gamut coverage is expressed relative to a known color space. For example, 99% of the DCI-P3 space.

Is DCI-P3 better than NTSC?

DCI-P3, introduced by DCI to cover the color range of cinema, covers 45.5% color space of CIE 1931. It has 25% more color space than sRGB and only 4% less than NTSC. In the near future, we will see DCI-P3 becoming the new standard of devices, websites and software and replacing the sRGB.

Is DCI-P3 better than Adobe RGB?

DCI-P3: A video-oriented wide gamut color space, P3 is becoming ever more popular, even being included on smartphones and all-in-one computers. It offers a similarly wide range as Adobe RGB (about 25% greater than sRGB), though it expands more into the reds and yellows and less into the cyan and green areas.

Is 90 DCI-P3 good?

As far as extended color goes, look for that high percentage but when you see it, find and read a technical review. Only when the measurements are taken can you see the truth. A display should not only deliver a high volume of DCI-P3 (90% or more), it should hit all the saturation targets accurately.

Is P3 good for printing?

P3 is going to be a more definitive color range. This is great if you plan on printing something out with a printer that can print more colors than the internet can show.

How many colors are in DCI-P3?

It stands for Digital Cinema Initiatives – Protocol 3 and pairs beautifully with 10-bit, 1.07 billion color displays. While sRBG emerged in the days of standard definition, DCI-P3 and its relative Rec.

What is the definition of DCI-P3 color?

A Basic Definition DCI-P3, sometimes casually referred to as P3 or Display P3, stands for Digital Cinema Initiatives – Protocol 3 and is a color space, or set of colors, created by the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer (SMPTE) in an attempt to standardize the colors used in the film industry.

Which is larger sRGB or DCI-P3 color space?

But content made in the DCI-P3 will have access to a larger percentage of colors the human eye can actually see. In fact, the DCI-P3 color space is 25% wider than sRGB. You can find the DCI-P3 spec defined here . RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU…

How does DCI P3 compare to normalized DCI?

This test evaluates the DCI P3 performance of a TV when compared to an ideal 10,000 cd/m² TV. Unlike the Normalized DCI P3 result, this test is heavily influenced by the peak brightness of the TV. It is not included in any weighting to avoid double counting the peak brightness of the TV, and is provided only for reference.

What is the gamma of the DCI-P3 D65?

The DCI-P3-D65 spec’s official transfer function is a 2.6 gamma, but this more suits digital projection. Similar to the difference in white points, true DCI-P3’s 2.6 gamma takes into account the lamps used in commercial projectors, which need the higher gamma value to compensate for the bulb’s characteristics.