Is FEU good for Nursing?


Is FEU good for Nursing?

A total of 78 FEU BS Nursing graduates hurdled the November 2019 Nurse Licensure Examination given by the Professional Regulatory Commission. FEU scored a 97.26% rating for first time takers (71/73), while the overall rating finished at 89.66% (78/87).

What is the oldest institute in FEU?

The Nicanor Reyes Hall, named after the founder of the Far Eastern University (FEU), is the oldest and most valued structure on the FEU campus, for it is a remnant of the original Art Deco architectural design back in its founding years.

Is there BS Nursing in FEU Manila?

The Institute of Nursing offers programs leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master of Arts degree in Nursing. The curriculum, which is based on the 3 frameworks: competency, community, and evidence, is the core of IN’s success in producing world class Nurses.

Who is the founder of FEU?

Nicanor Reyes Sr.
Far Eastern University/Founders

Since its establishment in 1928 by founder Dr. Nicanor Reyes, Sr., FEU has been recognized as one of the leading universities in the Philippines.

Is nursing in FEU Trisem?

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is a four-year program consisting of general education, major and professional nursing courses. The professional courses are embedded from the first to the fourth year with emphasis on nursing concepts with corresponding related learning experiences (RLEs).

What do you call the students of FEU?

The University Mascot Hence, it is the nickname of every FEU student (Tams).

What are FEU students called?

The tamaraw is the mascot of every FEU athletic team. Hence, it is the nickname of every FEU student (Tams). Known scientifically as “Bubalus mindorensis”, it is a rare animal found only in the island of Mindoro.

What do you need to know about the FEU BSN program?

The product then, of FEU’s BSN program, is a nursing leader or a nurse with a potential for leadership who is value driven, a critical thinker, technologically proficient, committed to the profession and who cares very deeply about providing safe, quality, and humane care.

Who was the first dean of FEU Hospital?

In 1977, Dr. Juliano became Director of FEU Hospital and Dr. Alfonso became Dean of the Institute of Medicine. In 1987, Dr. Emelie H. Ongcapin (Class of 1964) was persuaded to become Dean, the first and thus far the only alumna of FEU to become Dean of the Institute.

Why is Feu the best university in Nigeria?

According to former FEU president Lydia Echauz, DBA, the university is a premiere university in the country. It is a university of choice among high school graduates because FEU has had long and rich history in education, culture, arts and sports, she enthuses.

When was the man program placed under the Institute of Nursing?

In 2005 the MAN program was vertically articulated with the BSN program. Its administration was placed under the Institute of Nursing until present.