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Is Highcharts easy to use?


Is Highcharts easy to use?

Highcharts is a modern SVG-based, multi-platform charting library. It makes it easy to add interactive charts to web and mobile projects. It has been in active development since 2009, and remains a developer favorite due to its robust feature set, ease of use and thorough documentation.

Do I need to buy Highcharts?

Highcharts is free for non-commercial users, including personal projects, school website, and organizations that are categorized as charitable and non-profit. Licences are offered to corporations, both as standalone or bundled with premium support.

Is Highcharts free for commercial use?

Highcharts is a software library for charting written in pure JavaScript, first released in 2009. The license is proprietary, it is free for personal / non-commercial uses and paid for commercial applications.

Are Google charts free?

About Google chart tools Google chart tools are powerful, simple to use, and free. Try out our rich gallery of interactive charts and data tools.

How does angular integrate with highcharts?

Angular Highcharts – Configuration Syntax

  1. Step 1 – Create Angular Application. Follow the following steps to update the Angular application we created in Angular 6 – Project Setup chapter − Step.
  2. Step 2 − Use Configurations. Create Highcharts and create chartOptions highcharts = Highcharts; chartOptions = { } Create Chart.

Is Highcharts angular free?

Angular has become the JavaScript framework of choice for many developers. We are therefore happy to present to you our official Highcharts Angular wrapper, which is free to use (please note that using Highcharts for commercial projects require a valid license).

Which is better chart JS or D3 JS?

js and Chart. js are two of the most popular JavaScript charting libraries. To date, D3. js has over 85,000 stars and Chart….Comparison table.

D3.js Chart.js
Legend requires coding Legend by default
Good for bespoke data visualisations Limited to standard charts

What are the best JavaScript charting libraries?

Best Javascript Chart Libraries for 2021

  • NVD3.js.
  • Dygraphs.
  • Vis. js.
  • ChartJS.
  • ApexCharts. js.

Can I use Highcharts without license?

The software itself is available for download from For testing and demonstration purposes, you can use our software free of charge. There is no license key associated with the software. Once you go live with your product, a commercial license is needed.

Is government use non-commercial?

Governmental organizations are not regarded as non-commercial and will require a license to be in line with our terms and conditions.

Is it safe to use Google Charts?

We may scan charts for obvious security holes, but it is possible that a chart could contain malware. For example, charts are JavaScript code that run in a browser; as such, they can take advantage of any standard JavaScript vulnerabilities. Developers agree to protect the privacy of users.

What do you need to know about Highcharts?

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What can I do with angular 7 and Highcharts?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use Angular 7 and Highcharts to create a simple web page that fetches data via an API and generates charts from it.

Which is the default theme for Highcharts demos?

Highcharts Demos DefaultDark UnicaSand SignikaGrid Light Select Theme: DefaultDark UnicaSand SignikaGrid Light Line charts Basic line Ajax loaded data, clickable points Line chart with 500k points Logarithmic axis Spline with inverted axes Spline with plot bands Spline with symbols Time data with irregular intervals

How to create a pie chart using

Column range Column with drilldown Column with negative values Column with rotated labels Data defined in a HTML table Fixed placement columns Stacked and grouped column Stacked bar Stacked column Stacked percentage column Pie charts Pie chart Donut chart Pie with drilldown Pie with gradient fill Pie with legend Pie with monochrome fill