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Is it OK to play golf with an open stance?

Is it OK to play golf with an open stance?

Putting with an open stance makes alignment much easier, and it allows you to have a better line to your target. Some golfers will not only set up with an open stance, but they will also look at the hole while they are putting. This method of putting has become quite popular through the years, and it is very effective.

Does Bubba Watson have an open stance?

To nuke an iron, I start by widening my stance to provide stability for the big swing I’m about to make. I also open my stance just like when I’m trying to bunt an iron, but here it’s to give my hips a head start on firing through impact.

Did Lee Trevino have an open stance?

The enduring lesson from Trevino’s experience, golf-wise, was the need to adapt. He changed from an open stance to a closed stance, from hitting a cut to hitting a draw — anything to take pressure off his back. He also didn’t swing especially hard after his first surgery.

Does Fred Couples have an open stance?

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Couples’ swing is his open stance. As a right handed golfer, Freddy aims his feet and shoulders to the left of the target for most shots. Long considered to be one of the best ball strikers in the world, this open stance has served Couples extremely well through the years.

When would you use an open stance in golf?

With the open stance in golf, the golfer is put in a position where the body can properly clear and the hips can help accelerate the club through the hitting zone. This allows the golfer to maximize their power and let the swing go. Trying to manipulate the club as your hips are jammed up can be a bad recipe.

How far does Fred Couples drive the ball?

A mastery of the golf course certainly helps, but so does the fact that he is driving the ball nearly 300 yards. So far in 2017, Couples is averaging 295.9 yards on his drives.

Is a closed stance bad in golf?

The golfers who can benefit most from playing with a closed stance are those that have sliced the ball their entire playing careers. The closed stance promotes an in to out club path, which promotes a draw as long as the face is closed to the path.

Does Fred Couples hit a draw?

Although Freddy can draw the ball, the shot he’s famous for is the power fade. His fade gives him the best chance of keeping the ball in play while still smashing it. To hit the Fred Couples Fade, set up with your body lines aiming left like you see in the above left photo.

What’s the best way to play golf from an open stance?

To open your stance, adjust your feet so the line points farther left (for a righthanded golfer). In other words, move your front foot back, relative to a normal stance. For certain shots, however, an open stance is considered preferable.

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Can you play a wedge shot from an open stance?

Smith advises playing wedge shots from an open stance because “you won’t have time to get your left side out of the way” if you take a short backswing from a normal stance.

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