Is J kg K the same as J kg C?


Is J kg K the same as J kg C?

Assuming you mean kJ/(kg K) and kJ/(kg C), where K stands for a unit on the Kelvin temperature scale and the C for a unit on the Celsius temperature scale, the answer is yes because the Celcius and Kelvin scale have the same unit but different zero points.

How do you convert kJ kg to J kg?

kJ/kg↔J/kg 1 kJ/kg = 1000 J/kg.

How do you convert kcal/kg to J kg K?

The formula to convert J/kg*K to kcal/kg*°C is 1 Joule per Kilogram K = 0.000238845896627496 Kilocalorie per Kilogram K. J/kg*K is 5000 times Smaller than kcal/kg*°C.

What is J /( kg K?

Joule Per Kilogram Per Kelvin (J/kg-K) is a unit in the category of Specific heat. This unit is commonly used in the SI unit system. Joule Per Kilogram Per Kelvin (J/kg-K) has a dimension of L2T-2Q-1 where L is length, T is time, and Q is temperatur. This unit is the standard SI unit in this category.

How many kg are in K?

1 kilogram is equal to 0.00980665 kilonewtons, which is the conversion factor from kilograms to kilonewtons.

What is kJ kg C?

The specific heat represents the amount of energy required to raise 1 kg of substance by 1oC (or 1 K), and can be thought of as the ability to absorb heat. The SI units of specific heats are J/kgK (kJ/kgoC). Water has a large specific heat of 4.19 kJ/kgoC compared to many other fluids and materials.

What is kJ per kg?

A kilojoule per kilogram (kJ/kg) is a decimal multiple of the SI-derived unit of specific energy, heating value, energy content, or heat of combustion per unit mass joule per kilogram. The joule per kilogram is equal to the useful energy released from one kilogram of fuel mass during its complete combustion.

How many kg are in a kJ?

Kilogram/joule to Kilogram/kilojoule Conversion Table

Kilogram/joule [kg/J] Kilogram/kilojoule [kg/kJ]
0.01 kg/J 10 kg/kJ
0.1 kg/J 100 kg/kJ
1 kg/J 1000 kg/kJ
2 kg/J 2000 kg/kJ

How do you convert J kg to Watts?

By using our Joule/Kilogram/Hour to Watt/Kilogram conversion tool, you know that one Joule/Kilogram/Hour is equivalent to 0.00027777777777778 Watt/Kilogram. Hence, to convert Joule/Kilogram/Hour to Watt/Kilogram, we just need to multiply the number by 0.00027777777777778.

How do you find J kg?

Then, in terms of SI base units a joule is equal to a kilogram times meter squared divided by a second squared (kg×m2s2) ( kg × m 2 s 2 ) . Another common unit of energy that is often used is the calorie (cal), which is equivalent to 4.184 J.