Is Jaedong in the military?


Is Jaedong in the military?

On June 24th, we bid farewell once more to one of StarCraft Brood War’s most iconic players of all time, Lee “Jaedong” Jae Dong, as he leaves to fulfill his Korean military service requirements. Today, he signs off again, to fulfill his compulsory military service in Korea.

Is Jaedong still playing?

After retiring from StarCraft II, Jaedong returned to playing SC:BW. Announced as a full-time streamer on 12 November 2016, he made his return tournaments scene a week later during the 2016 KT GiGA Legends Match lll….Lee Jae-dong.

Games Starcraft: Brood War Starcraft II
Playing career 2006–2016
Role Zerg
Team history

Who is the best Brood War player?

Top Players of 2020 for StarCraft: Brood War

Player ID Player Name
1. ZerO Kim, Myung Woon
2. Flash Lee, Young Ho
3. Light Lee, Jae Ho
4. SoMa Park, Sang Hyun

Did flash do military service?

Legendary Starcraft champion Lee ‘Flash’ Young-ho has finished off his career in style, winning his fourth Afreeca Starleague in seven years before retiring from the scene due to mandatory South Korean military service. The 27-year-old had previously won three Starleague titles in a row between Seasons 2-4.

What happened to Kim Je Dong?

Entertainer and show MC Kim Je-dong is set to quit his radio program called “Good Morning FM, Kim Je-dong,” which he has been hosting for a year and five months. The move came Monday, following his departure from “Tonight, Kim Je-dong,” a news talk show aired on KBS.

Is Flash the best Brood War player?

He is, along with BoxeR, NaDa, Iloveoov, and SAviOr, regarded as the fifth, final, and greatest of the Bonjwas, a title for players who dominated the Korean Brood War scene over long periods of time. He is considered the greatest player of all-time in the Brood War community.

Why is Flash not in ASL?

In 2019, Lee skipped the 7th season of ASL due to his arm injury. By selecting Random as his race, Lee will have a one in three chance of playing either Protoss, Zerg, or Terran in any match. He played the remainder of ASL Season 9, as well as the Afreeca StarCraft Team League (ASTL) as Terran.

Is Flash the best StarCraft player of all time?

4. Lee ‘Flash’ Young-ho Like Mvp, Flash retired some time ago, but he’s still talked about today as one of the best StarCraft players of all time. According to, Flash is the highest earner in the history of StarCraft: Brood War.

Who is Jaedong playing under in Brood War?

Many had speculated Jaedong would return to Brood War, and had been playing under the ID “424” on the Fish servers. The account of 424 had amassed an unusual amount of games against FlaSh and Brood War professionals had said 424 played like a player who was rusty and an ex-pro.

When did Jaedong leave Evil Geniuses Starcraft 2?

Jaedong’s dominance led to his inclusion as one of the four members of TaekBangLeeSsang . After switching to StarCraft II and playing for Evil Geniuses for 4 years, he retired on November 1, 2016. Jaedong started streaming BW on Afreeca on November 12, 2016 .

Where did Jaedong win his first StarCraft tournament?

Jaedong’s first official return to the tournament scene was displayed at the KT Giga Showmatch. Here, Jaedong defeated Stork in the semifinals but lost to Bisu, 1-2, in the finals. His first off-line tournament will be the Afreeca Starleague Season 2.

When is Jaedong going to go to college?

Jaedong’s parents, in addition to their criticism of OZ, had expressed willingness to have Jaedong retire and attend college, but on August 31, 2009, Korean news source Fomos announced that Jaedong had successfully renegotiated with Hwaseung OZ, and therefore, he will be playing with them for the 09–10 Season.