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Is Joel from vinesauce diabetic?


Is Joel from vinesauce diabetic?

Joel has type 1 (juvenile) diabetes. It doesn’t bother him much; or at least, he’s learned to live with it. In Part 7 of “Rimworld”, it is revealed that Joel has to take insulin shots for his diabetes.

Who is the most popular vinesauce streamer?


  • Vinny.
  • MentalJen.
  • KY (LiveByFoma)
  • Rev.
  • Fred.
  • Darren (VicariousPotato)
  • Joel.
  • Imakuni.

Is vinesauce a Vargskelethor?

Joel Varg Johansson (born: August 29, 1993 (1993-08-29) [age 28]), better known online as Vargskelethor Joel (also Vinesauce Joel), is a Swedish YouTuber and gaming streamer who has been a member of the Vinesauce group since 2011. He is also a musician under the name Vargskelethor.

Is vinesauce a company?

Vinesauce is a streaming media website established on May 11th, 2010 by Vinny in New York City, New York.

Is Joel more popular than Vinny?

Joel Varg Jarvisson (also known as Vargskelethor, exinthevatican, Uncle Joel or Jobel) is the second-most popular streamer on Vinesauce, next to Vinny himself.

What band is vinesauce Joel in?

Scythelord are an international death/thrash metal band. Most of the band’s followers come from Twitch streamer/YouTuber Vargskelethor Joel, who has promoted the band, stating that he worked on their debut album for two years.

Is Vinny vinesauce depressed?

On a related note, during one of Vinny’s friend Jabroni Mike’s own Animal Crossing: New Horizons streams, the latter revealed that he was in a really awful and depressive, almost suicidal state in his life before Vinny helped him get started with streaming and even helping him get viewers interested.

What’s going on with vinesauce?

Twitch streamer Vinny Vinesauce taking legal action after misconduct allegations. YouTuber and Twitch streamer Vinny Vinesauce has responded to allegations of manipulating and lying to fans during sexual relationships, where he said he will be seeking legal advice.

Is Joel and Vinny the same person?

How old is Vinny Vinesauce?

age 36
Vincent “Vinny” (born: May 12, 1985 (1985-05-12) [age 36]) is an American YouTuber and gaming streamer who is the founder of the Twitch gaming group Vinesauce, formed in 2010.

How much money does vinesauce Vinny make?

He is estimated to have over 5,000 subscribers. This would generate a monthly income of at least $15,000 USD per month, excluding sponsorships, advertisements, tips, and Twitch cheer bits.

Is Vinny Vinesauce depressed?