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Is KHMU and Khmer the same?


Is KHMU and Khmer the same?

Khmu lends its name to the Khmuic branch of the Austroasiatic language family, the latter of which also includes Khmer and Vietnamese. Within Austroasiatic, Khmu is often cited as being most closely related to the Palaungic and Khasic languages.

Where do the Khmu people live?

The Khmu, pronounced kəˈmu, people is a large minority ethnic groups that is spread across the central highlands of Asia including sections of Northern and Central Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Southwestern China.

Is Laos a French speaking country?

French is spoken by a significant minority in Laos. Laos has the second largest Francophone community in Southeast Asia, the others being found in Vietnam and Cambodia. French is used as a diplomatic and commercial language and is also studied by over a third of students in Laos.

Where is kammu?

The Kammu live in scattered villages in mountainous areas of north and central Laos and in mountainous border regions of neighboring countries. Often villages are small, with only twenty or thirty families, but some villages can include several hundred households.

Where did Khmu people come from?

The Khmu can also be found in southwest China (in Xishuangbanna in Yunnan province), and in recent centuries have migrated to areas of Burma, Thailand and Vietnam (where they are an officially recognized ethnic group)….Khmu people.

Total population
Vietnam 90,612 (2019)
Thailand 10,000
China 7,000

What’s the language spoken in Laos?

Laos/Official languages

Which city did the Emperor kammu Tenno model the new capital of Heian Kyo after?

Modeled after Changan, the capital of the Chinese Sui and Tang dynasties, Heian-kyō was planned on a grand scale, with great thoroughfares and numerous intersecting streets and lanes. In the centre of the city, surrounded by a rectangular walled enclosure, were the palace buildings and government offices.