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Is Note 2 a good phone?


Is Note 2 a good phone?

The good Oodles of screen real estate make the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 terrific for videos, games, and reading; and its improved stylus aids productivity. A blazing quad-core processor, a great camera, and strong battery life round out the advantages of this Android 4.1 phone.

Will there be a note22?

Samsung Galaxy Note 22 release date If the Samsung Galaxy Note 22 launches – and that’s a big if – it will probably do so in August of 2022. Specifically, it will probably be announced in the first half of the month and go on sale in the second half, as that’s Samsung’s typical pattern for the range.

How big is the screen on a note 20?

*Measured diagonally, Galaxy Note20’s screen size is 6.7″ in the full rectangle and 6.6″ with accounting for the rounded corners and Galaxy Note20 Ultra’s screen size is 6.9″ in the full rectangle and 6.8″ with accounting for the rounded corners; actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and camera hole.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on at & T?

Samsung Galaxy Note II brings a whole new category of smartphones to AT. This high-performance device boasts many rich features and is indispensable when it comes to entertainment and productivity thanks to an enhanced S Pen hover experience, intuitive software, and elegant hardware features.

What’s the difference between Galaxy Note 2 and Note 1?

Its soft key is a little sleeker, and while it its body is still palm-worryingly big, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a little longer and less wide than its predecessor. The result is a phone that looks a bit leaner and less stubby, and is a little comfier to hold. There’s no sugar-coating the truth, though.

What kind of processor does Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 uses a powerful quad-core 1.6GHz Exynos 4412 processor that’s a mite faster than the 1.4GHz CPU of the Samsung Galaxy S3, and has 2GB of RAM while the other big players made do with 1GB. When this spec teams-up with the Project Butter initiative of Android Jelly Bean, what results is one seriously smooth phone.

How big is the screen on the Galaxy Note 2?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 display is a giant 5.5in across, up from the 5.3in of its predecessor. Some aspects of the screen are a little surprising. Although larger, it’s actually lower in resolution than the first Galaxy Note – 720 x 1,280 pixels rather than 800 x 1,280 pixels.