Is Optimal Optimus a Transmetal 2?

Is Optimal Optimus a Transmetal 2?

Despite there being no overt involvement of the Transmetal Driver in the cartoon, Megatron’s dragon-form and Tigerhawk were sold as a Transmetal 2 toys. But “Optimal Optimus”, who was upgraded in the same fashion (one body holding two sparks), was sold as a vanilla Transmetal.

What happened to Dinobot in Beast Machines?

He lives by his code of honor. He often fought with Rattrap, who called him “Chopperface”. He sacrificed himself by saving an early human village from a Predacon attack.

What was Megatron in Beast Wars?

Megatron is the commander of the Darksyders, a gang of Predacons (the descendants of the Decepticons), and the main antagonist of the Beast Wars franchise, which includes the two Transformers TV series, Transformers: Beast Wars, and Transformers: Beast Machines. He is the arch-enemy of Optimus Primal.

Is Beast Wars 2 a sequel?

Beast Wars had two additional Japanese sequels: Beast Wars Second and Beast Wars Neo. Never making it to the United States, these shows had an entirely different cast and a far different setting and tone.

What are the Transmetals in Beast Wars 2?

The Transmetals 2 were sold at multiple price points as the dominant subline of Beast Wars in 1999. Like their predecessors the Transmetals, they feature vacuum metallizing as a dominant aesthetic feature, but their designs are more irregular and patchwork, featuring skeletal elements and lacking the smooth contours of the Transmetals.

What’s the difference between Transmetals 1 and 2?

Where Transmetals are marked by a mode-based inversion of biological and mechanical elements, Transmetals 2 have had those elements blended in equal parts between both modes, the result being an asymmetrical, patchwork jumble that is frequently rather monstrous.

How did brass Munky get the Transmetal mutation?

Later in the Beast Wars, a more advanced ” Transmetal 2 ” mutation would appear. Brass munky. The Transmetals were created as a result of Transformers being bathed in a quantum surge after the destruction of the Vok Planet Buster.

Who are the main characters in Transmetal 2?

Several Transmetal 2 characters, including Optimus Minor, Sonar, Scarem, and Tigerhawk, appear to have an oddball ability to acquire more limbs in their robot modes by shifting around a few parts.