Common questions

Is PEXA a good investment?


Is PEXA a good investment?

Impressive financials. With little need for capital, lots of added value and a captive market, the financials are impressive. For the 2021 financial year, the company is expected to report revenue of about $219m.

Is PEXA compulsory in NSW?

Effective as at 1 July 2019, all standard conveyancing transactions in NSW must be effected electronically.

Is PEXA safe?

PEXA (Property Exchange Australia) is Australia’s online property exchange network. It assists members – such as lawyers, conveyancers and financial institutions – to lodge documents and complete financial settlements electronically. In short, it’s a conveyancing process that’s fast, safe and efficient.

How long does PEXA registration take?

Online registration can be quick and easy, provided you have the required documents and information at hand. Once you have submitted your completed registration to PEXA (including VOI in approved form), your registration will be reviewed within three business days and finalised if all is in order.

Will PEXA pay a dividend?

PEXA does not intend paying any dividends in 2020-21.

How do I buy shares in PEXA?

How to buy shares in PEXA Group

  1. Compare share trading platforms.
  2. Open and fund your brokerage account.
  3. Search for PEXA Group.
  4. Purchase now or later.
  5. Decide on how many to buy.
  6. Check in on your investment.

What is a PEXA fee?

A PEXA fee is charged to each Subscriber in a Workspace upon successful completion of a transaction through PEXA. The fee includes: Document creation. Lodgement support services: pre-population of registry data, lodgement verification and automatic title activity checks. Digital signature security.

Can I do my own conveyancing in NSW?

The legal work involved in preparing the sales contract, mortgage and other related documents, is called conveyancing. While you can do your own conveyancing, most people engage a licensed conveyancer or solicitor.

Who pays the PEXA fee?

In a Transfer Workspace, the PEXA Fee is payable by both the Incoming Proprietor and Proprietor on Title and is automatically included as destination line items in the Financial Settlement Schedule, which means they will be paid at settlement.

Who is PEXA owned by?

PEXA is a private company owned by Link, Commonwealth Bank and Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners that has gained a dominant market share in online property lodgements and settlements since launching in 2010.

How long does a PEXA transfer take?

Once you send funds to the PEXA Source Account, it can take up to 3 business days for the it to arrive.