Is R03 difficult?

Is R03 difficult?

Figures show that R03 has a pass rate of 65%. And do you know what, it will probably feel tough. The CII R03 exam has 50 questions, and you have 1 hour to complete it.

How do you pass the ro3 exam?

To pass R03, study the CII exam guide, practise for the exam with mock papers, work out what’s being asked and practise standard calculations – then you should be able to weed out superfluous information and just answer the question!

What is the pass mark for R03?

The pass mark is in the region of 65% and as this is a computer based test rather than a written test it is unlikely that there will be much deviation from this unless a question is subsequently found to be invalid. So in terms of the mark needed to pass, you are looking at a minimum of 33/50.

What order should I do the R0 exams?

Many people will work through the CII R0 exams in the order implied by the FCA/CII, i.e. R01, R02, R03, R04, R05 and R06. There is nothing inheritantly wrong with this but we do find that: It is easier to learn when we are able to relate to the subject matter.

Which is the hardest R0 exam?

R03 – Personal Taxation. Statistically, this is the hardest exam. There are 50 questions and 11 of these are multiple response questions. With R03, you won’t be leaving the exam early. Of all of the R0 exams, this is the one that is most likely to put you under time pressure.

What is the pass mark for ro3?

What is CII qualification equivalent to?


Designation Requirements Educational equivalent
Cert CII (FS) Certificate in Regulated Financial Services Operations (previously known as the Certificate in Financial Services) NVQ level 3, vocation qualifications level 3, GCE AS 7 A level, Scottish higher, SVQ level 3.

What is the ro3 exam?

The R03 (Personal Taxation) exam forms part of the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning and upon successful completion will give you 10 credits at diploma level. The exam itself is a one-hour computer based multiple choice exam held at test centres throughout the country.

Which is the hardest CII R0 exam?

R04 – Pensions and Retirement Planning. In terms of CII R0 exam results, this is now the most difficult exam. Like R03, it’s a one hour exam, there are 50 questions and 11 of these are multiple response questions.