Is sukkari dates good for health?


Is sukkari dates good for health?

Sukkari fruit was observed to be a good source of energy and fibre. Results of proximate composition suggested that Sukkari dates are nutritious and can play a major role in human nutrition and health and an important nutritional source of minerals.

What is the nutritional value of one date?

Nutritional information calories: 20. total fat: 0.03 grams (g) total carbohydrates: 5.33 g. dietary fiber: 0.6 g.

How many carbs are in Ajwa dates?

Proximate analysis of the Palm date varieties were like Ajwa has 9.45% Moisture, 1.71% Ash, 1.85% Protein, 2.47% Fat, 51.4% Fiber and 33.12% Carbohydrates.

Do dates contain protein?

Very Nutritious Most of the calories in dates come from carbs. The rest are from a very small amount of protein. Despite their calories, dates contain some important vitamins and minerals in addition to a significant amount of fiber.

Where are sukkari dates grown?

For instance; ‘Khalas’ is the most famous cultivar in the eastern region of Al-Hasa, the largest date palm oasis in the world while ‘Sukkari’ is the best cultivar found in the Gassim region, the central region where the largest date palm farm in the world, Al-Rajhi’s farm, According to Guinness, 2008, the ‘Ajwa’ …

Are dates good for your skin?

Benefits of dates for skin and hair health They contain nutrients that enhance the strength of the subcutaneous tissues, which results in softer and smoother skin.” The antioxidants present in dates keep the effects of free radicals in check and delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Is date good for weight loss?

Being a good source of iron and calcium, they help maintain blood and bone health too. With almost seven grams of fibre in a serving of three and a half ounces, dates make for a great way to increase the fibre intake in your daily diet, which can aid weight loss.

What are the health benefits of Sukkari dates?

Sukkari dates contain a good level of sodium and potassium that helps in maintaining a balanced level of water in the body. In addition, potassium helps the body in maintaining the blood pressure of the body. Sukkari dates contain a high amount of natural fiber, which helps in improving digestion problems.

Where to buy cheap Sukkari dates in Saudi Arabia?

However, you will find the cheapest price of Sukkari dates in the city of Madina where it costs around SR 15 per Kg. You can find these dates easily in almost every supermarket in Saudi Arabia as they are the most popular and highly consumed dates in Saudi Arabia. For the latest updates, you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram Channel.

How did the Sukkari date get its name?

The name of Sukkari dates is derived from “Sukkur” which in Arabic means Sugar. As people who like desserts treat Sukkari one of the best dates to eat. Sukkari date is cultivated in Al Qaseem region. They are of crisp texture and sweet to taste. This type of dates is used to prevent tooth decay, lower cholesterol and get rid of any fatigue.