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Is the Epiphone Sheraton II a good guitar?


Is the Epiphone Sheraton II a good guitar?

The Epiphone Sheraton II Is a top-notch Epiphone Guitar for anyone that wants to play jazz, blues, or similar styles and wants a good instrument without spending a fortune. This guitar should be considered a mid-range instrument but it still has plenty of quality.

Where is the Epiphone Sheraton II made?

The Epiphone Sheraton may be the best guitar available in its price range. Although made in Indonesia, it rivals the best Gibsons in quality.

Where is Ibanez AS93 made?

The AS93 is an Artcore series hollow body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez for 2007. It was made in China.

What is the Epiphone Sheraton based on?

Gibson ES-335
The Epiphone Sheraton is an Epiphone original. Based on a Gibson ES-335 but more ornate, blues players such as John Lee Hooker loved the Epiphone Sheraton more than any other guitar. This is a semi-acoustic guitar.

What is an artcore guitar?

Ibanez Artcore hollowbody and semi-hollowbody guitars have become a massive hit with the public. When you do plug in, the Ibanez Artcore series feature pickups that kick out big, bold humbucker tone. And with set necks and solid hardware, the Ibanez Artcore series guitars are loaded with sustain.

Where are Ibanez Artstar guitars made?

Now, Artstar Prestige offers custom-built, made-in-Japan quality for the serious professional. With its Vintage Yellow Sunburst finish and Flamed Maple top, back, and sides, a deep love of semi-hollow guitar history emanates from the AS200.

Do pros use Epiphone?

Pro Guitarists and Epiphone As they are owned by Gibson, they are able to produce near-exact copies of famous Gibson guitars such as the Les Paul, SG, and ES-335. That means, for guitarists who are counting their pennies but always wanted a gorgeous Les Paul, Epiphone is a great choice.

Which is better Ibanez AS73 or Epiphone 339?

I’m torn between an Epiphone 339 (which is my first choice, given the small body and surprisingly non loss of tone), or an Ibanez AS73 which is a normal size 335 style but everyone just raves about them. Which one would you guys choose? they’re about the same price.

Is the Ibanez as93 a good guitar to play?

Overall the AS93 is a great playing and sounding semi-hollow, especially for the money. The stock 58 pickups have been a mainstay for Ibanez since the 70s. They sound very respectable. Click to expand… The Super 58 Custom pickups they put on these guitars are not the same as the original Super 58’s from the 80’s on.

Which is better the Epiphone or the Sheraton II?

The Sheraton II is a lot more popular than the original and is more widely sort after. This is not an entry-level guitar. Therefore, if you’re an entry-level player, this is not the guitar that you should be looking at. The major reason for this is that it is not the most affordable of guitars.

Which is better the Ibanez Artcore or the epi?

Look at the Schecter Corsair too. The Artcore line is very famous for it’s consistent quality, which can’t really be said of Epi. For a while I gassed for an AS93, but got the jones for the smaller size of the Ibby AM models, so I picked up an AM93 in the yellow sunburst.