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Is The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows a real book?


Is The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows a real book?

“The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows” a.k.a. De Umbrarum Regni Novem Portis was written by Aristide Torchia in Venice, 1666. The book contains nine woodcut engravings rumoured to be copied from the apocryphal Delomelanicon, a book purportedly written by the devil himself.

Is Novem Portis a real book?

Fictional books. Occultist works published by the fictional historical author Aristide Torchia in Venice: De Umbrarum Regni Novem Portis, Venice, 1666. While itself fictional, many aspects of The Nine Doors appear to be heavily inspired by the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili of Colonna (1499).

Who was the woman in Ninth Gate?

Emmanuelle Seigner
The Ninth Gate (1999) – Emmanuelle Seigner as The Girl – IMDb.

Was Aristide Torchia real person?

Was Aristide Torchia real person? Aristide Torchia, a fictional historical author from the novel, has been referred to in other media including The Ninth Gate (a film based on the novel), and video game Max Payne. The fictional character Torchia was born in 1620. He was apprenticed in Leyden under the Elzevir family.

Is Ninth Gate worth watching?

The Ninth Gate is a great film and one of Roman Polanski’s most underrated films. It’s a slow-paced psychological thriller very similar in tone and style to Polanski’s earlier films Chinatown and Frantic. Johnny Depp and Frank Langella both give great performances.

Who wrote The Nine Gates?

Arturo Pérez-Reverte
The Ninth Gate/Story by

Who wrote the 9th gate?

Roman Polanski
Enrique UrbizuJohn Brownjohn
The Ninth Gate/Screenplay

Who is the author of the nine gates to the Kingdom of Shadows?

The Nine Gates to the Kingdom of Shadows, written by Aristide Torchia, Venice 1666. A book purportedly based on the abhorred Delomelanicon(a tome said to have been written by the Devil himself!). Torchia, along with his blasphemous works, were put to the flame in 1667.

Are there any real copies of the Nine Gates?

The problem is that three copies of the “Nine Gates” are known to exist, one owned by Victor Fargas, one by the Kessler Foundation, and one recently acquired by Boris Balkan. Which one is the real one? Or are they all forgeries?

Who are the characters in the Ninth Gate?

Enter, Dean Corso, a sort of book-detective/mercenary, determined to solve the riddle, only he gets caught up in a supernatural web all his own and all the players are linked together by this nefarious book. This is the premise of Roman Polanski’s film, “The Ninth Gate”. Based on the bestseller The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte.

Is the Ninth Gate a real Grimoire?

So, yes, this is a reproduction of the fictional grimoire starring in the movie, ‘The Ninth Gate’. That doesn’t mean it does not contain legitimate occult material.