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Is there a Schroders investment manager in Indonesia?


Is there a Schroders investment manager in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, Schroders’ presence dates back to 1991. PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia (”Schroders Indonesia”) is a 99% owned subsidiary of Schroders Plc and licensed by Bapepam-LK (as hereinafter defined) as an investment manager with Investment Manager Licence No. KEP-04/PM/MI/1997 dated 25 April 1997.

What kind of fund is Schroder Income Fund?

Schroder Income Fund distributes a semi-annual dividend. The aim of the fund is to provide an attractive income through earnings growth. Investment will primarily be in USD-denominted bonds issued by government of Indonesia, Indonesian quasi government and corporate issuers.

Who is the CEO of Schroders Asia Pacific?

Susan Soh is Co-Head of Asia Pacific for Schroders. She is also a member of Schroders’ Group Management Committee (GMC). Susan was CEO of Schroders Singapore from Jan 2007 to April 2021. Susan has almost 30 years of financial industry experience, spanning across different areas of investment banking before specialising in asset management.

How many years of experience does Schroders have?

Schroders is a leading independent international asset management and wealth management group, with more than 200 years experience in financial service and with IDR 11031.2 trillion ($785.1 billion) under management as at 31/12/2020.

Who are the officers of the Indonesian Navy?

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Who is the Managing Director of Schroders Asia Pacific?

Murray is also Schroders’ Managing Director, South Asia and Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific. He joined Schroders in 1994, initially as the Group Financial Controller of Australia. Prior to joining Schroders, he worked as a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu for 10 years, including over 2 years on secondment in London, UK.