Is there an app better than CCleaner?


Is there an app better than CCleaner?

Avast Cleanup is the best value CCleaner alternative for checking registry files and optimizing system performance. The software has advanced features such as automatic app updates, disk defrag, and bloatware removal.

Which country app is CCleaner?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Piriform Ltd is a British software company based in London, owned since 2017 by Avast. The company develops cleaning and optimisation tools for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Android operating systems, including CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy.

Is CCleaner a one time purchase?

The price is shown as a one-time payment, with no time limit, and no mention of any extra fees. Clicking on the “Download” button for the Pro version takes you to the basket page, where the customer enters their order details and payment details, and again there is no mention of any time limit or extra fees.

What is the point of CCleaner?

CCleaner is a small, effective utility for computers running Microsoft Windows that cleans out the ‘junk’ that accumulates over time: temporary files, broken shortcuts, and other problems. CCleaner protects your privacy.

How much is CCleaner per year?

$49.95 / year For home users who want to manage their entire household’s computers.

Is CCleaner worth buying?

CCleaner is pricier than Windows 10’s free, integrated tune-up tools, but it comes in at a lower price than some competing products, offers features that dramatically improved our testbed’s boot time, and is easy enough to use that it’s worth the investment.

Does CCleaner really do anything?

26) Does CCleaner work? Passmark found that CCleaner can speed up your PC boot time by 53%, clean up to 4GB the first time it’s used on your PC, and it can even remove up to 34GB of junk files from your computer over a year.

Which is the best CCleaner app for Android?

Is your Android phone or tablet full of junk and running slowly? Clean, optimize and boost the performance of your device with CCleaner for Android! Brought to you from the makers of the world’s most popular PC and Mac cleaning software, CCleaner for Android is the ultimate Android optimizer.

Is there free CCleaner software for Windows 8.1?

CCleaner software for Windows 8.1 for free is a great choice for both beginners and experienced users of PC and laptops. *CCleaner for Windows 8.1 is available for free downloading without registration. Downloads CCleaner for Windows 8.1?

What can a CCleaner do for my computer?

CCleaner is able to work with applications of different origin, from the world-known browsers to third party programs. On one hand, it can easily clean cookies, history, downloads history and cache of your favorite browser.

What can I do with CCleaner v5.61?

CCleaner v5.61. Professional. Inject instant speed into your machine by removing the unnecessary files taking up room on your hard drive. Clear out errors and broken settings to improve stability. Boost your browser and help protect your privacy by securely erasing tracking cookies and history.