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Is there such a thing as alternative energy?


Is there such a thing as alternative energy?

Alternative energy, however, should not be confused with renewable energy, although many renewable energy sources can also be considered alternative. Solar power, for example, is both renewable and alternative because it will always be abundant and it emits no greenhouse gases.

How are alternative energy sources different from fossil fuels?

Alternative energy is a term that is used to describe any energy source that is not comprised of fossil fuels. Many alternative energy sources require fossil fuels to create the opportunity to collect cleaner energy, but the net use is often lower than if fossil fuels are being burned.

Which is the most common alternative energy source in Europe?

The most common alternative energy sources in Europe are hydroelectric and nuclear. The Middle East gets the least amount of its energy from alternative energy sources. Nine countries in the Middle East get 0% of their energy from alternative sources.

Which is the leader in alternative energy development?

Several countries and states have also been noted fore their leadership in the field of alternative energy development. For instance, in Denmark, wind power provides up to 140% of the country’s demand for electricity, with the surplus being provided to neighboring countries like Germany and Sweden.

How does a country get its energy from alternative sources?

A strong resource base and adequate technology are the most important factors that allow a country to get its energy from alternative sources. The mountainous country of Tajikistan, for example, which got 59% of its energy from alternative sources in 2009, has a dense network of alpine lakes and rivers.

Which is the best alternative source of power?

Recognized as a viable source of power for centuries, wind is now growing in use as an alternative power source. Towering wind turbines can be seen in large arrays where prevailing winds make such installations practical and cost-effective.

How is nuclear energy an alternative to fossil fuels?

However, nuclear energy produces little to no greenhouse gases, unlike fossil fuels. The debate continues: organizations like the World Bank have categorized nuclear energy as an alternative energy, while the International Renewable Energy Agency maintains that it is not.

What are the advantages of using alternative fuels?

Lower emissions, lower fuel prices and the reduction of pollution are all advantages that the use of alternative fuels can often provide. Here we examine eleven of the most prominent alternative fuel sources and look at the benefits they offer and potential for increased uptake in the coming years. 1. Hydrogen Gas

Why is nuclear energy not an alternative energy source?

Many advocates of renewable and alternative energies do not categorize nuclear energy as an alternative source because of the hazardous waste byproducts it produces, which then have to be stored. In this way, it is not a completely non-polluting energy source. However, nuclear energy produces little to no greenhouse gases, unlike fossil fuels.