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Is Velskud the Black Dragon?


Is Velskud the Black Dragon?

Velskud was one of the greatest knights of Saint Haven, and is one of the original Six Heroes who fought against Karas in the Black Dragon Raid fifty years from the present time….

Age 76
Alias The Black Knight The Black Thing The Knight of Kaleon Birdie/Chickie Hero Knight Guardian of the World

Who is Lambert in Dragon Nest?

Lambert is the father of Xian and husband of Satila. Nicknamed “Blue Wolf of The Desert”, he was apprentice to Barnac, one of the Six Heroes, and was reputed to be one of the most fearsome warriors in history.

Where is Black Dragon Nest?

Ruins of Old Saint Haven

Black Dragon Nest
Location Ruins of Old Saint Haven (accessible through Garden of Time and Space)
Race/s Human Dragon
Boss Black Dragon Feder
Instance Info

How old is Lia from Dragon Nest?


Race Elf
Age 200
Hometown Anu Arendel
Alias Nervin

Where did Argenta first appear in Dragon Nest Sea?

Argenta first appeared in Forest Sanctuary in her pursuit of Velskud, right after he knocks down the Player and flees with Rose. She finds the fainted Player and inspects them, then decides to use some kind of healing magic in them and leaves.

Where did Argenta go after the Black Dragon raid?

After the events at the end of the Black Dragon Raid, Argenta took Geraint and they both left for places unknown, causing people to lose their trust in the two Dragons, only to return and initiate another campaign against the new Black Dragon .

Who is the silver dragon in Dragon Nest Sea?

Argenta, also known as the Silver Dragon, is one of the pieces that the Ancient Dragon broke into, with Geraint and Daisy being others. She is the eldest of all Ancient Dragon decendants.

How is Argenta going to seal the monolith?

Later, Arno meets Argenta and tells him about her plan to use a sealing stone that will harness the power of the Silver Dragon to completely seal the Monolith ,so that she won’t disappear. Since three days are needed to fuse the Silver Dragon Jewel with the Monolith, Arno will try to create the this sealing stone in only two.