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Is Worldline a French company?


Is Worldline a French company?

About Worldline SA Worldline SA, formerly Atos Worldline SAS, is a France-based company providing payment and transaction services. The Company creates and operates digital platforms which handle all transactions between companies, their partners and customers.

Is Atos and Worldline same company?

The Atos-Worldline Alliance The strategic global alliance between Atos and Worldline was formalized in May 2019, following the carve out of Worldline as a stand-alone company in payment services.

Does Atos own Worldline?

Paris, February 4, 2020 Atos has completed the sale of ca. 23.9 million Worldline shares, for ca. 1.5 billion euros, through a placement to qualified investors by way of an accelerated bookbuilt offering (the “Placement”).

What is Worldline bank?

Worldline is a global leader in secure payments and trusted transactions. We are at the forefront of the digital revolution that is shaping new ways of paying, living, doing business and building relationships that pass on trust along the entire payments value chain, enabling sustainable economic growth.

Who bought Worldline?

In January 2019, Atos, which then had a 50.8% stake, announced the sale by an exchange of shares of a 23.4% stake in Worldline to its shareholders.

Is Worldline a processor?

As the largest payment processor in Europe, with a successful track record of forging strategic partnerships with financial institutions, Worldline is leading the next-generation payment services such as account-based payments and instant payments.

What does Atos mean in French?

Administratif, Technicien, Ouvrier et de Service (French: Administrative Staff, Technicians, and Service Workers) ATOS.

What is Worldline E payment services?

Tailormade ePayment Solution for business of every size & nature. Worldline is India’s leading online payment solution company. Regardless of the size, markets, scope of your business, we partner with you for growth.

Does Worldline own Ingenico?

French payments firm Worldline has completed its $8.6 billion acquisition of compatriot Ingenico, creating the largest merchant acquirer and payments processor in Europe.

What makes Atos unique?

Atos has a partner ecosystem built to deliver superior business value based on best in class technology. We work hand-in-hand with selected world-class organizations in software applications, infrastructure and consulting to strengthen our own unique portfolio in consulting, solutions and services.

What kind of a company is worldline?

Worldline is a French payment and transactional services company founded in 1970.

Where is the headquarters of worldline in France?

The Mobility and e-Transactional Services segment refers to trusted digitization, e-ticketing, contact and consumer cloud, and connected living and mobility business division. The company was founded on July 31, 1990 and is headquartered in Bezons, France.

What kind of company is Euronext worldline?

Euronext : WLN Worldline is a French payment and transactional services company founded in 1970.

When did worldline acquire six Payment Services SA?

In May 2018, Worldline acquired SIX Payment Services (Europe) SA, the payment services division of the Swiss group SIX, for €2.3 billion, mainly financed by the issue of new actions.