Common questions

Should I put my resume in a report cover?

Should I put my resume in a report cover?

You want to make sure that the pages of your resume are taken as a whole. Place your resume and cover letter inside a protective plastic document sleeve. Since some human resources departments prefer to scan resumes into a computer database, you’ll make the job easier by using a disposable paper clip.

What do you carry your resume in?

Most of the time, you can carry a binder to hold your resume copies, some paper, and a pencil. This is highly recommended if you were instructed to dress casually; carrying a briefcase might make you appear overdressed. In more professional interviews, men and women are encouraged to carry briefcases.

How do you bind a CV?

Keep your CV layout in portrait mode and stapled on the top left. Resist the temptation to bind a thick CV. Spiral binding, heat binding, and the like can make your CV look like a tedious book. Your first page should be a one-page cover letter, designed to attract the IT manager’s attention.

Should you staple a CV?

Do not staple the CV, even if you have 2 (or more) pages. The two pages can be placed side-by-side without a staple to view the entire curriculum at once. That said, put your name on top of page 2 (header) if you have a 2nd page.