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The way to the proper MBA essay

Master of business administration or MBA – is the most famous and popular program in the field of business management in Western Europe and the United States.

Why is the MBA essay so important?

An essay is perhaps the most difficult elements of the MBA application, which gives you a unique possibility to tell the admissions office about yourself and your attainments, explain your motivation and prove that the chosen program suits you perfectly.

The success of entering this business school connects firmly with the quality of the written essay. The task of this work is to convince the admissions office of the reasonability of enrolling you to school.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some secrets of the successful essay and also about the most common mistakes while writing the MBA essay. Several rules to write a decent essay:

  1. Plan in advance

Before you start writing an essay, make a plan of what you want to say. This will help you to determine correctly the structure of the essay, so it will be logical, understandable and readable.

  1. Originality and motivation

Try to avoid clichés, better find your own style. Be sincere and honest, analyze what your uniqueness is, why you should be chosen and what you can offer.

Do not write what you think the admissions office wants to hear, otherwise, your essay will just get lost in a pile of exactly the same ones. You can give examples from your personal life, then the essay will not be so faceless, but do not overdo it. The main thing is not to be afraid of who you really are. You should understand that they will immediately notice your insincerity.

  1. Grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

It is very important that the essay would be lexically and grammatically correct because this can make certain conclusions about the person. It can show your frivolous attitude to learning, so don’t be lazy and check your essay carefully several times.

  1. Your skills and experience

Describe all your strong points, because your skills, knowledge and experience are the most important asset that you can bring. If you have your own business, tell about it and explain how and why you developed it.

Even if you’ve been unemployed for a while, or there’s a gap in your experience, it’s better, to be honest about it than try to keep it quiet.

  1. Jokes

It can sound strange, but this point is even necessary. Don’t forget that your essay will be read by ordinary people, not by the machines. But try to avoid silly and odd jokes.

Someone may think that it is easy to write an essay, but a lot of people face some problems while making it.

Here are some ”DON’TS” that you should avoid to write a successful essay:

  1. Don’t try to be better than you really are.
  2. Don’t present your information in an uninteresting and superficial way.
  3. Don’t use slang phrases and colloquial expressions.
  4. Don’t write not verified information. Unsubstantiated or false statements can destroy everything.
  5. Don’t ” fit ” yourself to the standards of the business school. Of course, you should be smart, ambitious and have leadership skills.
  6. Don’t write unnecessary information. You should strictly adhere to the topic of the essay and you don’t have to write anything that is connected to it.

However, sometimes it is really very difficult for someone to write an essay. Fortunately, nowadays you can consult with different writing services. For example, Pro-Papers MBA essay writing service is a good choice.

Remember that one of the main tasks for admission is to stand out, write an essay in a business, concise, informative way, but so that it will be easy to read it. The text should be catchy. The admissions office has to read your essay and has a desire to talk to you in person. Those who managed to get into good business schools had non-standard essays. You can give vivid examples that will create a feeling that what is happening to a person is an achievement, not an ordinary thing. In addition, it is necessary to show writing skills.