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Things To Look For When Choosing A Camping Stove?

Things To Look For When Choosing A Camping Stove?

Mealtime is undoubtedly the most important part of gatherings, whether you’re just relaxing in nature with friends or camping after a long day of adventures and fun with the family. It is essential to have the right kind of tools to make your mealtimes feel less like a chore and more like spending a good time having fun.

You and your family deserve to have a quality and rewarding experience after taking out time from the busy and hectic schedules of daily life. A nice camping stove can be a lifesaver in such instances and definitely worth investing in if you like camping and the outdoors.

With so much kitchen equipment available not only at your home but also online and at local shops, how do you know which camping cooker to choose for your trip? You must be wondering whether you should get a freestanding one or the tabletop one. Well, you are just in the right place to find the answer.

In the article below, we have discussed how to buy the best camping cooker, what features to look for in it, which sizes and fuel types to consider and why you will need one on your trip in the first place.

We understand that there are various factors that can confuse you in choosing just the right type of camping cooker. So before we begin, you must know how many people you are going to cook for, how far you have to take the cooker in your car to the desired camping spots, and if you are going to make intricate meals or just simple yet delicious ones.

First of All, Pick Your Stove Style

We would like for you to begin by choosing the right stove style for you and your family. And as mentioned above, there are two main types of stove styles for camping and outdoor meal preparations. The first one is the freestanding model stove with legs and the other is the portable tabletop design.

  • Freestanding Model Stove

The freestanding stoves are heavier in weight because they are also larger in size. They have around two to three burners with certainly more BTUs than those in tabletop ones. These kinds of stoves are considered to be the best choice for those who have large families or large groups that require big cooking space. If your family and friends require a lot of power, space and less preparatory time then choosing freestanding stove is a good option. However, don’t forget that this is heavy and large too.

Another benefit of the freestanding stove with legs is that it is easy to set up just anywhere. You’ll not need to find any type of flat surface at the camping site or some valuable equipment to set up the camping stove before cooking up meals.

  • Portable Tabletop Designs

The tabletop designed stoves work just like their name suggests. These gas stoves are easier to carry and place on top of a bench or just a table and you are all ready to start cooking. Without the legs, these stoves are more compact and smaller which makes it more portable than the freestanding model stoves. However, with the tabletop stove, you will need to look for a flat bench or you will have to carry a separate camping table on your trip to set up the stove.

The difference other than keeping a table to set up the stove is that you will have fewer burners along with fewer BTUs. Most people tend to take only a single stove with them to heat up the food they bring with them for their camping. This leaves them with less cooking space.

However, the benefit of having a tabletop stove is that you can have the one with three or more burners too. In this way, you can easily carry it along the camping journey for cooking simple meals.

Choose The Number of Burners According To The Number of People

Once you select the stove style, it is time to choose the number of burners you would like to have. Two burners are considered to be the standard among the freestanding stove and the tabletop stove. After all, you also need to use only two burners at a time in your home. However, you can also search for more than two burners or just a single one if that is what you seek.

In most instances, a two-burner stove is a perfect solution for weekend trips with a family of five or just a week-long campout with your loved one. However, single burner stoves are also widely used for heating up pre-cooked meals. They not only take less space but are also significantly lighter in weight which makes them extremely portable.

You will need a stove with three or more burners if you have a large group of friends or family – more than seven to eight people in total. Make sure to choose the number of burners according to the number of people you plan on hosting.

Know About The Fuel Type And Capacity

It’s important for you to know about how the fuel performs in different types of ranges and temperatures to tackle the challenges of outdoor cooking. The majority of camping cookers run on propane and are convenient to light up. The bottles of propane are green in color and can be readily available at any retail store or gas station near the campsite.

For a complete weekend outing, a 16-ounce bottle of propane would be enough to do the job. However, it is highly recommendable to bring one or two extra bottles in case you run out of fuel. If you don’t want to carry multiple bottles, you can get a single 20-pound bottle of the fuel tank as well. It is certainly a tried-and-tested choice. Other than the carrying issue, they are portable and fairly easy to secure along with having a refilling option.


Leave all those processed and dehydrated meal packets at home because nowadays camping cookers can allow you to prepare lavish meals even when camping in remote wilderness regions.