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Top 3 Pieces of Women’s Dirtbike Riding Gear

Top 3 Pieces of Women’s Dirtbike Riding Gear

While most riders can’t wait to find the best aftermarket motorcycle parts to customize their bike and make it their own, it is necessary, especially for dirtbike riding, to make sure that you are equally excited about protecting yourself with the best women’s dirtbike riding gear available. However, for some riders, especially the newbies, figuring out what gear is crucial is a challenge. Thankfully, the equipment can be broken down into three categories: (1) protection, (2) maneuverability, and (3) style.

1. Protective Gear

Whether you are looking for the best motorcycle riding or best scooter riding gear, you should always start with protective gear. The essential elements of protective pieces are helmets and pads. When looking for a helmet, you will want to limit your focus to full-face helmets. Dirt bikers and crashes go hand-in-hand, and when you inevitably take a spill and face plant, you will be thanking your lucky stars that you are wearing a full-face helmet. Also, you should purchase some goggles to go along with your helmet to ensure your eyes are protected from flying debris.

In addition to head protection, you will want to find protection for your knees, elbows, shoulders, etc. Pads, like helmets, protect the weak points in your body from the violent impacts of crashes. Therefore, don’t skimp on the padding, especially when it comes to kneepads. Knee injuries are prevalent in any sport, and that goes for dirt bike racing as well.

2. Maneuverable Gear

Next on the list is maneuverable gear. This gear allows you to maintain control of your bike without becoming overly fatigued. Therefore, this category includes boots and gloves. While dirtbike boots could have been listed under protective gear because they are all-encompassing of the ankle and foot, they are listed here because they offer significant support for the rider. Gloves are similar in that they protect the rider, but they also help to decrease the fatigue caused by the vibration of the bike. However, the fit is crucial to the effectiveness of either of these pieces.

3. Stylish Gear

Last, stylish gear refers to pants and shirts explicitly designed for dirtbike riding. While it is true that these pieces allow the rider to show off their style, this gear also provides comfort, durability and protection for the rider. Most shirts have wicking technology to help riders climate control. Also, you can find clothing that has pads sewn right into the material, making the shirts and pants serve double duty.

There is nothing more exciting and adrenaline-inducing than getting out on those trails and racing through trees, over hills and around bends. However, without the right gear, it can be a dangerous adventure. Therefore, while you might be amped to deck out your bike, make sure that you take the time to get the gear you need. Every rider needs to protect themselves from the possibility of accidents and crashes, but when it comes to dirtbike racing, crashes are just par for the course. Make sure you protect your head and body before you go out and ride.

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