What are Dstar reflectors?


What are Dstar reflectors?

A D-STAR reflector is a computer connected to the internet that runs special software. The nice thing about reflectors is that lots of repeaters can be connected to one reflector.

What is a reflector in ham radio?

Wikipedia: Internet Radio Linking Project. In IRLP a reflector is a computer based server which connects 2 or more “nodes” (A node is a Repeater connected to a computer or a IRLP computer connected to a radio operating simplex.) together via server to create kind of “conference room”.

What is the East Coast reflector?

The East Coast Reflector is a system of about 80 to 100 linked repeaters and is available on IRLP node 9050, Echolink number 57780, Allstar bridge 27339/45192, Brandmeister talkgroup 31281 and DMR+ talkgroup 4635.

How do I register my Ysf reflector?

At the top of the Pi-Star dashboard you’ll find a button called ‘Update’. Click it. When that has finished, click on Configuration and your new reflector will appear in the YSF Startup Host: drop down box. Select it and click the Apply Changes button.

Can Dstar talk to DMR?

DSTAR radios are not going to work with DMR repeaters. This is a great radio for DSTAR as well as analog modes. It’s going to work well with any analog repeater in your area, just not non-DSTAR digital voice modes.

Which is better D-Star or fusion?

D-Star has much more functionality than Fusion (or DMR); and once you are setup, modern D-Star radios are easier to operate in terms of selecting repeaters or hotspots and changing reflectors.

What is EchoLink ham radio?

EchoLink is a computer-based Amateur Radio system distributed free of charge that allows radio amateurs to communicate with other amateur radio operators using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology on the Internet for at least part of the path between them.

What is IRLP node?

The Internet Radio Linking Project, also called IRLP links amateur radio stations around the world by using Voice over IP (VoIP). Each gateway consists of a dedicated computer running custom software that is connected to both a radio and the Internet. This arrangement forms what is known as an IRLP Node.

How do I set up AllStar?

  1. Create a login at
  2. Create a server from the main menubar Server > Creater Server.
  3. Configure the server (the defaults are fine)
  4. Request an AllStar node from the main menubar Node > Request Node > MyServer.
  5. Configure the node.

How do you use a Ysf reflector?

Operating a YSF Reflector

  1. Download the YSF Reflector source code from
  2. Install the build tools for your platform (Visual Studio for Windows and “build-tools-essential” for Linux.
  3. Perform the build, install necessary files, and adjust configuration files.

What is the difference between Ysf and FCS?

The main difference between them is that FCS servers handle rooms numbered from 0 to 99 and you can select which room you want to use during connecting to the server. YSFreflector servers do not have rooms.