What are the 3 different categories in ice cross downhill?


What are the 3 different categories in ice cross downhill?

There are three main levels of competition.

  • ATSX1000. ATSX 1000 races were, and 1000 World Championship points are awarded to the winner.
  • ATSX500 & ATSX250. ATSX 500 and 250 races were formally known as Riders Cup races, and are worth 500 and 250 points for the respectively.
  • ATSX100.

When did ice cross downhill start?

The Red Bull Pvt. Ltd. organized the first ice cross downhill race in the year 2001, in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. At that time the track was measured 300 meters long build through a series of city streets.

What is ice cross racing?

Ice Cross Downhill is an extreme winter racing sport which involves direct racing of multiple skaters on a downhill course. The sport is similar to ski cross racing or snowboard cross racing, the only difference is the equipment used is ice skates, instead of skis or snowboards.

How do I get to ice cross downhill?

You can only access it if you qualify for it. Generally speaking, you must accumulate points by participating in the 250 and 500 points races. The points you earned there, compile into the world ranking. Depending on your category and the number of points , you will eventually earn a spot to the 1000 point race.

Where is Red Bull Crashed Ice?

The series was created and is managed by energy drinks company Red Bull…

When was Crashed Ice invented?

A brand new winter sport thrust itself into the spotlight in 2001, when the inaugural Red Bull Crashed Ice took over Stockholm, giving the world its thrilling first taste of ice cross downhill.

How fast do ice cross skaters go?

Skaters hurtle down a steep ice canal four-at-a-time through challenging obstacles at speeds of more than 40mph (60km/h), jostling for a position. With only two riders going through to the next round, the competition is fierce.

Where is Red Bull Crashed Ice 2020?

Yokohama, Japan
12 races, eight countries, three continents – the Crashed Ice era is officially over, as the Red Bull Ice Cross World Championship begins in December 2019….With the Red Bull Ice Cross athletes gearing up …

Date Location Category
February 15, 2020 Yokohama, Japan ATSX 1000

Will Red Bull make me crash?

Can Red Bull Energy Drink cause you to crash? Although Red Bull Energy Drink only contains 80mg of caffeine, it has a high sugar content—27g, which can possibly lead you to experience a sugar crash after.

What is the longest ice track?

Lake Windermere Whiteway
The longest ice skating trail measures 29.98 km (18.63 miles) and it is the naturally frozen Lake Windermere Whiteway, in Invermere, British Columbia, Canada, as measured on 14 February 2014.

Is there such a thing as ice cross?

It is similar to ski cross and boardercross, except with ice skates on an ice track, instead of skis or snowboards on a snow track. Ice cross is sanctioned by ATSX, the All Terrain Skate Cross Federation.

Who are the world champions in ice cross?

Dmitrij Murlychkin of Russia and Veronika Windisch of Austria are the new Ice Cross World Champions. They were crowned on Saturday, at the season grand finale in Russia, while Théo Richalet-Chaudeur took the Junior title for France. Ice Cross, the fastest sport on skates crowns its World Champions this weekend at the Patriot Park outside Moscow.

What kind of Sport is ice cross downhill?

Ice cross downhill (or downhill ice cross ), is a winter extreme sporting event which involves direct competitive downhill skating on a walled track featuring sharp turns and high vertical drops. It is similar to ski cross and boardercross, except with ice skates on an ice track, instead of skis or snowboards on a snow track.

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