What are the two factors that cause projectile motion?


What are the two factors that cause projectile motion?

Factors affecting the flight path of a Projectile are: Gravity. Air Resistance. Speed of Release. Angle of Release.

What causes projectile motion quizlet?

Gravity causes objects to accelerate downward, whereas air resistance acts in the direction opposite tothe motion and reduces acceleration. The combination of intitial forward velocity and downward vertical force of gravity cause of projectile to follow a curved path.

What is projectile motion quizlet?

projectile motion. a two dimensional movement where objects are thrown or launched in the air and are subject to gravity. follows a curved path. projectiles. the objects being thrown.

How do you explain projectile motion?

Projectile motion is the motion of an object thrown (projected) into the air. After the initial force that launches the object, it only experiences the force of gravity. The object is called a projectile, and its path is called its trajectory.

What are the factors affecting motion?

There are four main factors that affect the motion of objects. These factors are force, friction, inertia, and momentum.

What is the most important factor in projectile motion?

There are 3 factors that are most important in projectile motion: The projection angle. The magnitude of projectile velocity. The height of the projection.

Which best describes an object in projectile motion?

Which describes an object in projectile motion? The object’s inertia carries it forward. The path of the object is curved.

How is projectile motion applied in sports?

Many sports involve the throwing of a ball or other object. The vertical velocity of the projectile gets smaller on the upward path until it reaches the top of the parabola. At the top of the parabola, the vertical component of the velocity is zero.

What is the motion of a projectile in free fall is characterized by?

One of the interesting things about projectile motion is that the horizontal motion is independent of the vertical motion. Recall that in freefall, an object continually experiences a downward acceleration of 9.80ms2 but has no horizontal acceleration.

What are three things about projectile motion?

For these kinds of motions, the following must be true: The horizontal and vertical motion of the object are independent (except for the total time). The vertical acceleration is constant (at –9.8 m/s2). The horizontal velocity is constant.

What are the three components of a projectile?

What are the Key Components of Projectile Motion?

  • Initial launch angle, θ
  • Initial velocity, u.
  • Time of flight, T.
  • Acceleration, a.
  • Horizontal velocity, vx.
  • Vertical velocity, vy.
  • Displacement, d.
  • Maximum height, H.

What are 3 factors that affect friction?

The frictional force between two bodies depends mainly on three factors: (I) the adhesion between body surfaces (ii) roughness of the surface (iii) deformation of bodies.

What are the factors affecting projectile motion?

Other factors affecting projectile motion Air resistance is another important factor affecting projectile motion. As a rifle bullet travels through the air, it tends to slow down because of friction between the bullet and the air through which it passes. The amount of friction, in turn, is influenced by a number of factors.

What two forces cause projectile motion?

In physics, the motion of a projectile can be broken down into two components: horizontal and vertical. In most cases, the vertical component is the motion caused by gravity acting on the object. For every object, gravity causes a constant acceleration towards the Earth at a rate of 32.2 ft/s 2, or 9.8 m/s 2.

What pulls down a projectile motion?

projectile motion is a curved path which means it is pulled down by gravity toward the ground. how is projectile motion is affected by gravity. If the forces are at the same number 5 to each side that means that they are balanced and balanced forces never move. newtons 1st law notes. if forces are different numbers they are unbalanced so that means that the will move.

What motion does a projectile take?

Projectile motion is a form of motion where an object moves in a parabolic path . The path followed by the object is called its trajectory. Projectile motion occurs when a force is applied at the beginning of the trajectory for the launch (after this the projectile is subject only to the gravity).