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What champion gets the most kills?


What champion gets the most kills?

I really like this table, since it is basically ordered by ascending tankyness among these picks. Riven gets a lot of kills, but she also dies the most (of these champs)….Kills, deaths, and gold per minute in each lane.

Champion kills/min Games
Nidalee 0.243 5717
Shaco 0.231 5757
Pantheon 0.228 13040
Hecarim 0.218 6024

Which champion kills Baron fastest?

It’s nearly impossible for AD champions because of Baron’s Voracious Corrosion debuff, which halves your current AD. The only champion that can probably do it at the 15 minute mark is Fiddlesticks, as any other champion needs far more itemization than you can get at 15 minutes.

Which champion destroys towers the fastest?

Theoretically Nasus is the fastest. mid lane you want ziggs. Id say Twisted Fate is better than ziggs. While he doesn’t have the tower execute bomb his damage is comparable to ziggs thanks to lich bane and low cds.

Who has highest base movement speed lol?

These champions have the highest movement speed at level 1

  • Trundle (350)
  • Shyvana (350)
  • Olaf (350)
  • Nasus (350)
  • Kha’Zix (350)
  • Jax (350)
  • Illaoi (350)
  • Master Yi (355) Being one of the most annoying champions once he gets the snowball going, Master Yi also boasts the highest movement speed stat at level 1 at 355.

Who has the best KDA in League of Legends?

As for the players who average out kills and deaths the best, the top spot of course goes to G2 Esports botlaner Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larsson with a KDA of 8.9.

Is Zed good at Split pushing?

Zed is an AD assassin with immense burst damage played mainly in mid lane, but also showing up top sometimes. Zed has good waveclear with his rotation of abilities, high damage and, more important, a really high mobility. He is capable of dueling almost any champion in the game, or escape unharmed if he can’t fight.

Who are the best champions in LOL for kills?

The 10 Best LOL Champions for Kills These are the best lol champions to decimate enemy teams with and get plenty of kills. Article was written pre-patch 8.4. The 10 Best LOL Champions for Kills The 10 Best LOL Champions for Kills | GAMERS DECIDE Skip to main content Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0 Rank: Nooblet Sign in to level up now. Login

Who are the movement speed champions in Pokemon HeartGold?

List of champions/Movement speed Movement Speed Champion 400 Cassiopeia ( level 18 ) 355 Elise ( Spider ) Gnar ( level 18 ) Maste 350 Jax Kha’Zix Nasus Olaf Shaco Shyvana Tru 345 Aatrox Akali Cho’Gath Diana Dr. Mundo Fi

When was the last champion added to League of Legends?

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Last champion added: Viego. This article was last edited by DutyS12345 on 12-Mar-2021 00:31.

Who are all the champions in League of Legends?

Champions by base statistic All base statistics ( at level 1 · growt Champions by class Controller · Fighter · Mage · Marksman · Lists by skins Skins by skin name · Skins by champion n Other lists of champions Champions with client ratings · Champion