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What did Liam do to Hayden in the 6th grade?

What did Liam do to Hayden in the 6th grade?

Liam overwhelmed with anger from the fight as a result of his intermittent explosive disorder, accidentally punched Hayden in the face and broke her nose, so Hayden punched him back and broke his nose to return the favor.

Why did Theo help Liam and Hayden?

Hayden and Theo first met due to their mutual alliances with members of the McCall Pack, as Hayden and her boyfriend Liam Dunbar had been captured by the Dread Doctors, and Theo helped the pack rescue them by breaking them out of their cell.

How did Liam know Hayden was a chimera?

Liam took Hayden to Scott’s house, and she’s now shut herself in the bathroom. In the time it took him to send Scott a text, Hayden locked herself inside. They’re sure she’s a chimera because the Doctors told her her condition improves.

Who does Liam end up with?

‘90210’ Series Finale: Liam and Annie Get Engaged — Recap | TVLine.

Do Liam and Theo date?

Theo and Liam have been in a secret relationship for a while and now people are starting to find out. Set a few years after the Finale. Inspired by some things that happened on the show Friends. Liam and Theo have been dating for a couple of months, but the pack doesn’t know.

Does Theo call Liam Little Wolf?

In the moment you do stuff that takes a few minutes to register in your mind. Couple that with excitement and concern and Theo has no clue what he just did till it was to late to do anything about it.

Is Theo a bad guy?

Theo Raeken is one of the two main antagonists in the first half of the fifth season of the MTV series Teen Wolf, the secondary antagonist in the second half, and an anti-hero in the sixth season. He is a former classmate of Stiles and Scott who returns to Beacon Hills for his senior year.

Is Scott still a true alpha after biting Liam?

Scott is still a true alpha because Liam was not innocent as he destroyed his coaches car and resulted into an expultion.