What do The 39 Clues lead to?


What do The 39 Clues lead to?

Whoever discovers the great Cahill secret will become the most powerful person (or people) in the world. This secret can be unlocked by assembling all 39 Clues. When combined, these will form the secret— the Master Serum. Dan and Amy Cahill found all 39 of these throughout the books.

Why does The 39 Clues have different authors?

The 39 Clues series is currently maintained by Scholastic, with them choosing the next author. The storyline is pre-decided, and each author writes the next part of the plot. For example, Scholastic came up with the outline and Rick Riordan fleshed out the main storyline and wrote the first book, The Maze of Bones.

Does The 39 Clues website still exist?

It is with the deepest regrets that I inform you that both 39 Clues websites are no longer running. The first one was merged with Scholastic, and Scholastic took the second one down. There is no longer a website for the 39 Clues, of course, except this one.

Who won The 39 Clues in the books?

$1000 prize-winner Mahmoud A. of Kanata, Canada is a big fan of The 39 Clues.

What is the answer to the 39 Clues?

Clues involve cryptic references (It’s hard for the pilot to relax, indicating Los Angeles, because their airport is symbolised by LAX), flags and anagrams….Answers Chart.

37 Jerusalem
38 London
39 London
40 Los Angeles

What age are the 39 Clues books for?

The first story arc concerns Dan and Amy’s quest to find the 39 Clues, which are ingredients to a serum that can create the most powerful person on Earth. This series’ primary audience is age 8–12.

What is the answer to the 39 clues?

What is the prize in the 39 Clues?

The participant who finds all 39 Clues by the end of the series and discovers the Cahill secret has the chance to win the grand prize of $10,000 (US).

How old is Amy Cahill?

Amy Cahill is a fourteen-year-old girl from Boston. She loves books,libraries, and reading. She stutters alot infront of people that are not Dan. She is a Madrigal and is hunting for the 39 Clues with her brother: Dan Cahill.

Is the 39 Clues book 1 available on Amazon?

The 39 Clues Book 1: The Maze of Bones – Kindle edition by Riordan, Rick. Children Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. You’ve subscribed to The 39 Clues! We will preorder your items within 24 hours of when they become available.

When did Rick Riordan write the 39 Clues?

The 39 Clues 1 to 10 Books Set Collection. (The Maze of Bones, One False Note, The Sword Thief, Beyond The Grave, The Black Circle, In Too Deep, The Vipers Nest, The Emperors code, Strom Warning, Into the Gauntlet) (The 39 Clues)) by Rick Riordan| Jan 1, 2008

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How old was my son when he read the 39 Clues?

My 11 year old son loves everything Rick Riordan writes. He’s read every single book, starting when he was 10. After reading this first book of the series, we bought the whole series and he’s loved that too. The series is written by many authors.