What do you mix with light rum?


What do you mix with light rum?

What Drinks Are Good Mixers For Rum?

  • Tonic Water. The first of the good mixers for rum is tonic water.
  • Lime Juice With A Slice Of Lemon.
  • Ginger Ale.
  • Orange Juice.
  • Coconut Water.
  • Cranberry Juice.
  • Grapefruit Juice.

What juice goes with light rum?

Top Rum Mixers

  • Coke.
  • Coconut Water.
  • Pineapple Juice.
  • Orange Juice.
  • Grapefruit Juice.
  • Cranberry Juice.
  • Soda Water.
  • Tonic Water.

What is light rum used for?

Light rum (also known as white or silver rum) is aged in stainless steel tanks for no more than a year. The result is a very light-bodied spirit which makes it a popular choice for many rum cocktail recipes. Gold (or amber) rum is often aged in an oak cask and contains caramel or other additives.

What is the best light rum for cocktails?

To make choosing a little easier on your end, we’ve rounded up a list of the best rums for mixing cocktails below.

  • Flor de Caña 4.
  • Bacardí Superior.
  • Papa’s Pilar Blonde.
  • Mount Gay Eclipse.
  • Plantation Grande Reserve Barbados Rum.
  • Wray & Nephew Overproof Rum.
  • Appleton Estate Reserve Blend.
  • Don Papa Rum.

What is the best rum for cooking?

Goslings and Pussers are rich rums that have more rum flavor, while Bacardi Gold is much lighter. Myers’s and Cruzan Blackstrap are among the darkest and richest rums for baking. Some people prefer flavored and spiced rums for baking, such as Captain Morgan and Sailor Jerry .

What are some good RumChata recipes?

10 Rumchata Cocktails That You Need to Make This Winter Chocolate Marshmallow Rumchata Drink from A Zesty Bite of Life. Vanilla Rumchata Milkshake from Savory Simple. As you might imagine, Rumchata is excellent when added to ice cream! Cinnamon Hot Chocolate with Rumchata from Fashion Edible. Rumchata Cinnamon Toast Latte from Food Fanatic. Rumchata Egg Nog Cocktail from Sunny Sweet Days.

What mixers go good with pineapple rum?

Drinks Made With Pineapple Rum Types. Pineapple rum is just what its name suggests: pineapple flavoring and traditional rum mixed together so the liquor tastes sweeter, fruitier, and less harsh. Juice. Juice is the perfect nonalcoholic mixture that works well with pineapple rum. Liqueur. Liqueurs are also common ingredients in mixed drinks with pineapple rum. Soda. Liquor.

What kind of rum should I use in rum cake?

a commercially available cake that is made and shipped from the

  • Bacardi Rum.
  • Whalers Rum.
  • Cruzan Rum.