What does C mean on a light bulb?


What does C mean on a light bulb?

C and CA series bulbs are also similar, meaning Candle and Candle Angular, respectively. They still use the same E-series base, albeit with a smaller diameter.

What size is a type C bulb?

12 millimeters
The Type C socket size refers to candelabra light bulbs, which have a socket diameter of 12 millimeters as opposed to the standard 26 millimeters. The Type C USB connection simply refers to what kind of connection a portable lighting device requires to charge.

What is a Type B or C bulb?

B-shaped bulbs are also known as Candelabra bulbs. Bulbs with this shape have a bulged base that attenuates to a rounded tip. C-shaped bulbs look very similar to holiday lamps. The bulbs of this shape are very wide-spread in chandeliers, night lights, and lower wattage applications.

What is a Type B lamp?

Type B light bulb This is a much slimmer version of the Type A mount. The bulb itself is generally narrow and bullet-shaped or flame-shaped. This style of bulb is most often used for decorative purposes, such as in candelabra-style lighting fixtures.

What does a Type C light bulb look like?

Conical (C) bulbs are shaped like a cone. Conical angular (CA) bulbs are shaped like a cone but have a bent tip. Blunt-tip (B) bulbs are very similar to C-type bulbs but have more of a torpedo or bullet shape.

What is a Type C LED?

Type C Lamps are an LED lamp with a fixture mounted driver, with drivers now available with three different standard outputs as well as programmable for more/less output depending on required light levels. The Type C lamp is similar to an LED fixture in that you have a light engine and a separate driver.

What is Type A lighting?

The A-series light bulb is the “classic” glass light bulb shape that has been the most commonly used type for general lighting service (GLS) applications since the early 20th century. It has a pear-like shape and is typically fitted to either an Edison screw or a bayonet cap base.

What kind of light bulb is a C?

The “C” refers to the cone shape of the bulb. There are many different kinds of “C” light bulbs. However, they generally fall into two categories: decorative and regular. C-shaped light bulbs with blunt tips are sometimes referred to as torpedo shaped, or bullet, light bulbs.

How big is a C7 size light bulb?

For example, a C7-sized light bulb is .875 inches wide at its largest point. The “A” in CA light bulbs refers to the decorative, flickering filament inside the cone-shaped bulb.

What are the base codes for track light bulbs?

Pin Type bases are normally used for track lighting & landscape bulbs. Look at your fixture to determine its base type. Medium – Standard base code: E26; Candelabra – Base code: E12; Intermediate – Base code: E17; Pin Type Bases – Base Codes GU5.3, GU10, and GU24

What are the UV C levels in Philips Lighting?

UV-C is found within 100-280 nm range. In the graph can be seen that germicidal action is maximized at 265 nm with reductions on either side. Philips Low pressure UV-C lamps have their main emission at 254 nm where the action on DNA is 85% of the peak value and 80% on the IES curve.