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What does fixed shower rod mean?


What does fixed shower rod mean?

A fixed shower curtain rod means that it’s not adjustable. These usually come in standard sizes of 41in, 60in, and 72in. These shower curtain rods are great if you have a standard-sized shower, but they might give you trouble if you have an odd-shaped shower/tub.

Why is a curved shower rod better?

She says, “a curved shower rod is a great solution for both form and function. It provides more room in your shower, it keeps the wet shower curtain from clinging to you and it helps to keep the water in the shower.”

What color should your shower rod be?

Neutral colors also work well if you want to create a clean, zen-like feel in your bathroom. Consider the size of your bathroom before deciding on a color. Bright or neutral colors like white tend to make a space look and feel bigger. On the other hand, darker colors or patterns can make your bathroom look smaller.

Will a curved shower rod work in a shower stall?

Curved rods are usually installed closer to the back wall of the shower than a straight rod. The rod must be back far enough so that the curtain is able to be tucked behind the lip of your shower stall.

Can you use a curved shower rod on a shower stall?

Do curved shower rods sag?

Whereas curved rods, even if they are the slightest bit mis-installed — which is often — will tend to “sag” and in so doing, will cause the curtain to bunch up toward the middle of the rod, creating a large gap between the curtain and wall: which can cause a big leaky mess.

Can you use curtain rod for shower?

Installation. Tension shower curtain rods are by far the easiest to install. Twist the rod to a length about an inch longer than the distance between the walls and then pull one side inward to shorten the rod and slide it into place. Both are strong enough to hold most shower curtains.

What is the height to install a curved shower rod?

Method 1 of 2: Adhering to General Rules Select a rod that matches the rest of your bathroom fixtures. Position the shower rod high enough that you won’t bump your head. Place the shower rod at least 74 inches (188 cm) above the shower floor. Cut your rod if necessary.

What is a double curved shower rod?

The Neo-Angle Double Shower Curtain Rod is a The Neo-Angle Double Shower Curtain Rod is a decorative and functional addition to your bathroom. Designed to separate curtain and liner, each rod is made of solid brass. Superior quality and corrosion resistance make this accessory a lasting addition.

What is a double shower curtain?

A decorative double swag shower curtain, made in a vintage style with attached ruffled valances on the top and along the side edge of the piece. The shower curtain also has two tie backs on sides, which gives it an old-fashioned, classy vibe.