Common questions

What does Primerica do for families?


What does Primerica do for families?

Primerica offers cost-effective term life insurance to help you protect your family in the years when they need it most. What is Term Life Insurance? Primerica pioneered the “Buy Term and Invest the Difference” approach, which combines Term Life Insurance with an investment strategy.

Does Dave Ramsey recommend Primerica?

Does Dave Ramsey Recommend Primerica? In short, Dave Ramsey does not endorse Primerica per his Twitter account. He states that the cost of their insurance is HIGH.

How much does it cost to join Primerica?

Becoming a Primerica representative costs $99 upfront and you’re highly encouraged to pay a $25/mo fee for access to Primerica Online.

Is my money safe with Primerica?

Yes, Primerica is legitimate. It’s a publicly traded insurance and financial services company. Primerica has offices in every state across the U.S. except North Dakota and has more than 130,000 independent life insurance representatives.

How can I access my Primerica Shareholder Services account?

You may also access your accounts via the automated Primerica Shareholder Services Investor Line by dialing (800) 544-5445. If you experience any problems logging in, please call one of our Client Service Representatives at (800) 544-5445.

What do you need to know about Primerica online?

Primerica Online (POL) is a service that provides its users with various resources that can help them improve their business. Primerica Online gives you access to training videos, business broadcasts, and marketing materials, as well as information about your competitors.

What happens if I cancel my Primerica account?

If you’re dissatisfied with the company’s services, your only option is to cancel your subscription. Primerica Online will save all your data for three months after the cancelation date. If you change your mind and decide to reopen your account within this period, all you need to do is sign in with your old credentials.

Where can I Find my Primerica PFS portfolio?

PFS Investment clients with American Century, Legg Mason, Invesco, Franklin Templeton and Pioneer funds may check their portfolio here. Enter your User ID and Password. Information regarding portfolios at other fund companies may be found on those companies’ websites.