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What does the name Cotter mean?


What does the name Cotter mean?

English: status name from Middle English cotter, a technical term in the feudal system for a serf or bond tenant who held a cottage by service rather than rent, from Old English cot ‘cottage’, ‘hut’ (see Coates) + -er agent suffix. Probably an Americanized spelling of German Kotter.

What does Cotter mean in Scottish?

peasant farmer
Cotter, cottier, cottar, Kosatter or Kötter is the German or Scots term for a peasant farmer (formerly in the Scottish Highlands for example). Cotters occupied cottages and cultivated small land lots. They either cultivated a small plot of land, or worked on the holdings of the villani.

How common is the last name Cotter?

Cotter is the 17,294th most frequently held family name worldwide, held by approximately 1 in 227,423 people.

What is a Chirurgeon?

chirurgeon. / (kaɪˈrɜːdʒən) / noun. an archaic word for surgeon.

What is a cotter in hair?

Hair Pin Cotters (or “R Clips”) are a spring-type cotter made to be reusable. Hair Pin Cotters are generally meant to be used in through-holes while Hair Pin Clips are generally meant to be used on a groove.

Where are the price family from?

Price Family History This name is of Welsh Descent spreading to England, Ireland and Scotland in early times, and is found in many mediaeval manuscripts throughout those countries.

How to come up with a family motto?

Taking a queue from how we came up with our most recent family motto, think about things that your family may currently be struggling with. Ask your family to say one thing that is currently a challenge for them, whether it is making friends, being charitable, arriving places on time, etc.

What did Sir James Cotter do for a living?

Notable amongst the family up to this time was Sir James Fitz Edmond Cotter (c.1630-1705) Irish soldier, colonial governor and the commander-in-chief of King James’s forces, in the Irish Counties of Cork, Limerick, Tipperary and Kerry…

Who are the members of the Cotter family?

Edmond Cotter married twice and had a large number of children. This probably diluted the inheritance of his second son, and most prominent member of the Cotter family in the Early Modern period, James Fitz Edmond Cotter, and explains why he embarked on his remarkable career.

Where does the name Cotter come from in Ireland?

The Cotter Baronetcy, of Rockforest in the County of Cork, is a title in the Baronetage of Ireland. It was created on 11 August 1763 for James Cotter, Member of the Irish House of Commons for Askeaton.