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What happened to Arriva Trains Wales?


What happened to Arriva Trains Wales?

Following the introduction of the Railways Act 2005 and Transport (Wales) Act 2006, responsibility for the franchise was held by the devolved Welsh Government. Arriva Trains Wales’ franchise expired in October 2018, and the company did not bid to renew. It was succeeded by KeolisAmey Wales.

Are trains running to Wales from Manchester?

Trains from Manchester to Wales are run by two train companies, Transport for Wales and Avanti West Coast, with all services running into North Wales. Transport for Wales services run direct from Manchester Piccadilly to Wales, calling at Shotton and Llandudno Junction (among other stations).

How many train stations are there in Wales?

Since 2013-14 the number of stations in Wales increased by 3 to 222 and in the UK it increased by 28 to 2,563. The Valley Lines is a network of suburban rail lines connecting the major communities in South East Wales with Cardiff via Cardiff Central, Cardiff Queen Street and Cathays Stations.

How fast do Arriva trains go?

Passengers between Cardiff and Swansea face wildly varying times but services on some key commuter trains, such as the 7.14am Arriva Trains Wales service, face a one hour and 14 minute journey time – an average of 28mph over the 35-mile distance.

Are trains nationalised in Wales?

Wales’ railway services now nationalised by the Welsh Government. Welsh Government has now taken the Wales and Borders rail franchise into public ownership. As of yesterday Transport for Wales is operating the Wales and Borders rail services under a subsidiary, ‘Transport for Wales Rail LTD’.

Who runs Welsh railways?

Keolis Amey
Transport for Wales Rail Services

Parent company Keolis Amey
Reporting mark AW
Dates of operation 2018–2021
Predecessor Arriva Trains Wales

Can I travel from Manchester to Wales?

Can I travel to Scotland and Wales from England? People are free to travel around the UK, so long as they comply with Covid restrictions.

How long is train from Manchester to Wales?

1 h 32 min
On average the Manchester to Wales train time is 1 h 32 min covering the 40 miles (65 km) long journey, but the journey time can vary depending on specific dates or travelling on weekends and bank holidays.

What is train station in Welsh?


Station English/Welsh Year opened Served by
Abererch 1867 Transport for Wales
Abergavenny Y Fenni 1854 Great Western Railway Transport for Wales
Abergele & Pensarn Abergele a Phen-sarn 1848 Transport for Wales
Aberystwyth 1864 Transport for Wales

Who runs Welsh trains?

Who took Arriva Trains Wales?

TfW trains have been in the hands of KeolisAmey since October 2018, when it replaced Arriva Trains Wales in operating the Wales and Borders franchise. That contract had been awarded by the Welsh Government’s transport body (Transport for Wales, which is a separate entity to the TfW franchise).

Can I take a train from England to Wales?

No, there is no direct train from England station to Wales. However, there are services departing from Charing Cross station and arriving at Cardiff Central via London Paddington. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 2h 25m.

Why was there a railway in South Wales?

The South Wales valleys were criss-crossed with railway lines, many duplicatiing, most with the aim of getting the black “gold” to the coast as quick as possible. The railway system is a mere shadow of itself, but many remains are there to be found if you look hard enough.

Where are the valleys and Cardiff local routes?

Valleys & Cardiff Local Routes ( Welsh: Llwybrau Lleol y Cymoedd a Chaerdydd) (formerly Valley Lines) is the busy network of passenger suburban railway services radiating from Cardiff, Wales. It includes lines within the city itself, the Vale of Glamorgan and the South Wales Valleys. The services are…

Why did people come to the South Wales Valleys?

The South Wales coalfield attracted huge numbers of people from rural areas to the valleys; and many rows of terraced housing were built along the valley sides to accommodate the influx. The coal mined in the valleys was transported south along railways and canals to Cardiff, Newport and Swansea.

When did transport for Wales take over the core Valley Lines?

Previously services only went as far as Barry. On 28 March 2020, ownership of the lines between Cardiff and Treherbert, Aberdare, Merthyr Tydfil, Coryton, Rhymney and Cwmbargoed (the “Core Valley Lines”) was transferred from Network Rail to Transport for Wales, who leased them to operator AKIL.